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  • NICE U-turn brings breakthrough immunotherapy to kidney cancer patients in UK | Today Topics - Bristol-Myers Squibb has announced that its breakthrough medicine Opdivo® (nivolumab) will be available from today (21 October) to NHS patients in England
  • Diabetics may benefit from protective hinge process that enables insulin to bind to cells | Today Topics - Since its landmark discovery in 1922, insulin has improved the health and extended the lives of more than 500 million people worldwide with diabetes mellitus.
  • Study shows new drug targets may boost protein inhibitor, survival for lung cancer patients | Today Topics - Lung cancer is the leading cause of death among both men and women in the United States. Of the more than 220,000 new cases of lung cancer each year, roughly 5
  • New guideline on calcium and vitamin D supplementation | Today Topics - A new evidence-based clinical guideline from the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) and the American Society for Preventive Cardiology (ASPC) says that
  • Study indicates that advances in precision medicine have improved breast cancer treatment | Today Topics - A new study examines how one early example of precision medicine - tumor genome testing - is being used in women with breast cancer to reduce overtreatment and
  • A new look at vitamin D challenges the current view of its benefits | Today Topics - A simple Google search for what does vitamin D do? highlights the widely used dietary supplement's role in regulating calcium absorption and promoting bone
  • Strain-level genetic differences within bacterial species yield new insights into mother-infant microbiomes | Today Topics - Direct microbial sequencing of environmental samples, such as from ocean water, hospital surfaces, and the human gut, have illuminated the vast number of
  • Health experts report US$246 billion cost of workplace depression across eight countries | Today Topics - New data shows that workplace depression is a major issue across different cultures and economies, with wide and devastating consequences for thousands of
  • Drug company withheld information about faulty device in key trial of best selling anti-clotting drug | Today Topics - An investigation published by The BMJ today reveals that Janssen, the pharmaceutical arm of Johnson and Johnson, withheld data from the US Food and Drug
  • Sudden blood pressure drops associated with long-term dementia risk | Today Topics - Orthostatic hypotension - low blood pressure when suddenly standing up - is associated with a 15 percent increase in a person's long-term risk of dementia,
  • Outwitting the ‘silent thief’ of osteoporosis | Today Topics - In a world first, new Australian research has revealed that genetic profiling can help predict whether an individual will break a bone through osteoporosis.
  • Research examines how beardedness affects women’s attraction to men | Today Topics - New research suggests that women tend to find beardedness attractive when judging long-term relationships, perhaps as a signal of formidability among males and
  • 20 cent school intervention stops unhealthy weight gain in children | Today Topics - A school intervention costing less than 20 cents per child has stopped unhealthy weight gain. The randomised study is presented at ESC Congress 2016 today by
  • Pancreatic cancer resists personalized medicine – what researchers are doing to fight back | Today Topics - A team led by University of Arizona researchers is taking a new, patient-directed approach to treating pancreatic cancer. Rather than relying on conventional
  • Study of brain activity shows that food commercials influence children’s food choices | Today Topics - Food advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry, with approximately $1.8 billion annually aimed at children and adolescents, who view between 1,000 and
  • “Moneyball” approach may help predict new drug toxicity in humans | Today Topics - Winning sports teams have long inspired business leaders, but now their strategies are influencing pharmaceutical researchers. The Oakland A's upended baseball
  • STAT2: Much more than an antiviral protein | Today Topics - A protein known for guarding against viral infections leads a double life, new research shows, and can interfere with cell growth and the defense against
  • Children of severely obese mothers at higher risk of ADHD | Today Topics - Babies born to severely overweight mothers have a greater chance of developing conditions such as ADHD, research has found. Public health strategies that
  • After blindness, the adult brain can learn to see again | Today Topics - More than 40 million people worldwide are blind, and many of them reach this condition after many years of slow and progressive retinal degeneration. The
  • Terminally ill cancer patients fare poorly after surgery | Today Topics - Patients with disseminated advanced cancer who undergo surgery are far more likely to endure long hospital stays and readmissions, referrals to extended care

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