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  • Amazon Customer - Defective controller straight from the box

    This was bought on a warehouse deal so keep that in mind. I got the Xbox in the mail with everything in tact, no holes or anything in the packaging. I opened the box and there was 1 controller, 1 xbox console and 1 power cord. I'm not sure if anything else normally comes with it but it was obviously used with minor scratches on the console and controller. Everything looked okay until it came to actually using it.. Which I couldn't do on account of the controller not working at all. Nothing worked after trying different ways to put batteries in, switching out for different pairs, plugging directly into the console, etc. Like I said earlier, this was a used console from a warehouse deal. Once I get a working controller I'm sure it'll be alright, but either way having a controller not work straight from the box totally sucked.

  • Beth - Relief at last

    For decades I've been taking OTC allergy medications. When I consulted my doctors they were not concerned. I've tried other natural remedies without any results. It's taken a few months but I'm feeling better without the drugged feeling.

  • mceeh - Best pot I've ever owned!

    I wasn't going to bother writing a review but then realized it was because of the 52 reviews on this site that I ended up purchasing the French oven. So I had to come back and add my own! The reviews were spot on. This is by far the greatest piece of kitchen cookware I've ever had the honor of owning! I've had it about 3 months now and I can honestly say it is worth every single penny I paid for it. It's incredibly energy efficient because once it heats up (which is really quick), I can turn the heat down to nearly the lowest setting on my stove. It braises beautifully and I love to make pot roast on the stove in it. In fact, I got rid of my big, bulky 6-qt slow cooker (crock pot). The French oven does the same job the slow cooker did except it uses less energy, takes up no counter space, cooks the food much, much better, and doesn't require an outlet. I haven't missed my slow cooker once and I used it all the time. The French oven isn't technically "non stick", but it sure behaves that way. I've yet to burn anything in it. And it cleans like a dream! I can honestly say, I don't see myself EVER giving this away. I plan on cooking in it for the next 40 years or so!

  • Lindley P Cannon Sr - Nice

    very good. glad I bought it. though I had problems with amazon mp3 downloader (win 7), I used my mac to download from the cloud.

  • gracie99224 - Kissing My Kis Sampler Top 6 Essential Oil Gift Set

    I highly recommend this kit as a good basic kit containing beginner oils if that's what your looking for -especially if you haven't experienced Kis Oils. My husband, is a Medical Dir. of Education at large medical center & Dr. of Pharmacology. We hate taking medicine unless absolutely needed. So, I'm encouraged to create some blends for health/home/cleaning/pain. Although, I must add quickly to basic collection I was able to gauge the high quality of the oils. They're fantastic- according to both myself and friends more knowledgeable in "essential Oils 101" than I. Having paid a small fortune for good oils locally I researched Amazon/additional sites- finally pushed the button for this kit. Our family seeks German holistic products as they're made with stricter regulations than America but aren't always easy to obtain. Although, I highly recommended them- if you can't find/trust or critically need excellent grade of specialized tincture. Please with that said, check with your own doctor before taking anything. We also have pharmaceuticals made by a pharmacist when we need vitamins assuring quality control in US. But, feel confident in making "some minor oil blends for several health concerns" to aid our extended family including Raynaud's, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Anklyosing Spondylitis-, Neuropathy/Neuralgia, Muscle Dystonia/pain, allergies, additional energy, sinusus, excess mucus, Celiac, animal products and home products for tranquility and free of fungus/viral/sanitary issues. Back to the kit!!! Yes, it gave me just "the basics" but can't stress how much trust I have in the brand to purchase other oils for blends. Adding "Kis Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils" is a "no brainer". I'll also buy the larger Kis Sampler soon. Especially with the "blends" so I can just adbd to them if I feel a need too. Having fun with Kis! Amazon has some great books to use for making many specific blends for any number of issues. Have fun and stay healthy!