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  • Deltaleader71 - What they don't tell...

    Basically, it was not evident when I read about and purchased this panel, but you cannot program it. They use their own plug-in that works with Flight Simulator X and X-plane only. Essentially this will not fully work with some add-on aircraft like the VRS Superbug. It does work for the default planes in FSX from what I can tell. Just realize you cannot program this and it will not work with other flight simulator programs.

  • The Sometimes Savvy Consumer - Good Emoji Joe

    This is good, dark coffee at a reasonable price. I worried that it would not work in my Keurig 2.0 but so far so good.

  • penname - Read the instructions

    Works great, just make sure you urinate 2-3 times before taking the test. I tested myself before the detox and after and believe me there is a big difference in the line. Also these detox drinks only work if you are taking the strip test, you will fail if your being tested in the lab.

  • Emily J. Martin - A thoughtful and well-written book

    It's about time someone wrote about the good work that the Clinton Foundation is doing around the world. Joe Conason's book goes into detail about several of the successful Clinton Foundation programs while also taking a critical look at those that did not pan out. This book is well researched, thoughtful, and critical when necessary. As a former development practitioner, I understand why some folks are skeptical of foundations and non-profits as there is a long history of inefficient and insufficient action when these organizations try to tackle worldwide problems like HIV/AIDS, poverty, hunger, etc. The Clinton Foundation is a different type of development organization, and it deserves praise for bringing lifesaving medicine to millions of people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. I highly recommend this book to anyone who interested in learning more about Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

  • Catina Wiebe - NOT LACTOSE FREE.

    It says on the label that it has milk in it. Milk is milk... it gave our child runny stools and gas. He is a picky eater, so we started him on this, thinking that it would be ok. After a few months, he developed an intolerance for it. When reading the label it said it had dairy. So be cautious. and find an alternative.