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  • http://www.univadis.fi/medical-news/596/Gender-divide-evident-in-Health-of-Europe-report Gender divide evident in Health of Europe report - Men are more likely to smoke while women are more likely to suffer from headaches, according to new data.
  • http://www.univadis.fi/medical-news/596/MSF-announces-cessation-of-remaining-Ebola-projects MSF announces cessation of remaining Ebola projects - Since the epidemic subsided, MSF has been providing long-term care to the thousands of survivors who faced long-term health implications.
  • http://www.univadis.fi/medical-news/596/No-increases-in-activity-after-hip-replacement No increases in activity after hip replacement - Healthcare professionals have a role to play in encouraging patients to engage in physical activity post-operatively
  • http://www.univadis.fi/medical-news/596/Weight-discrimination-doubles-physical-health-risks Weight discrimination doubles physical health risks - The results of a new study show the significant impact weight discrimination can have on physical health.
  • http://www.univadis.fi/medical-news/596/Almost-1-in-6-adults-in-EU-is-obese Almost 1 in 6 adults in EU is obese - More than half of adults in the EU are overweight, according to new figures from Eurostat.
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  • http://www.univadis.fi/just-published/19/Uncontrolled-persistent-asthma-CXCR2-antagonist-did-not-reduce-the-exacerbations-rates Uncontrolled persistent asthma: CXCR2 antagonist did not reduce the exacerbations rates - CXCR2 antagonists might be useful in patients associated with ongoing exposure-induced stimulation of neutrophil
  • http://www.univadis.fi/just-published/73/Critical-illness-low-probability-of-hydroxyethyl-starch-being-cost-effective-for-fluid-resuscitation Critical illness: low probability of hydroxyethyl starch being cost effective for fluid resuscitation - Results of CHEST study shows no difference in longer term clinical outcome between patients resuscitated with hydroxyethyl starch or saline in ICU
  • http://www.univadis.fi/just-published/22/Stroke-Mechanical-thrombectomy-is-better-than-standard-care-alone Stroke: Mechanical thrombectomy is better than standard care alone - Mechanical thrombectomy combined with standard intravenous thrombolysis improves functional independence
  • http://www.univadis.fi/just-published/19/All-cause-mortality-decrease-in-Spain-during-economic-crisis All-cause mortality decrease in Spain during economic crisis - The study analyzed mortality trends in Spain before and during the economic crisis across various socioeconomic groups
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  • http://www.univadis.fi/conference-reports/10/Ancient-human-history-more-complex-than-previously-thought-researchers-say-ASHG Ancient human history more complex than previously thought, researchers say | ASHG - The results suggest that throughout Eurasia, ancient populations interbred less than previously believed.
  • http://www.univadis.fi/conference-reports/10/Decompensated-HCV-cirrhotic-patients-do-well-with-low-dose-direct-acting-antiviral-therapy-UEG Decompensated HCV cirrhotic patients do well with low-dose direct-acting antiviral therapy | UEG - Low-dose DAA therapy significantly improved clinical outcomes in patients with chronic HCV and decompensated cirrhosis.
  • http://www.univadis.fi/conference-reports/10/EUS-guided-biliary-drainage-has-high-technical-and-clinical-success-rate-UEG EUS-guided biliary drainage has high technical and clinical success rate | UEG - EUS-guided biliary drainage demonstrated high technical and clinical success rates, with a complication rate of 21%.
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  • http://www.univadis.fi/ct-collection/550/AVN-Bilateral-Humeral-Heads AVN Bilateral Humeral Heads - Patient undergoing chest CT for possible pneumonia. Incidental note on the topogram is made of sclerosis in the right humeral head and extensive sclerosis, deformity,,...

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  • Eric F. - A Must Read

    Admittedly, I struggled with some aspects of this book. A translation of the original work (in another language), it has some idiosyncratic punctuation and phrasing that occasionally drove me nuts. I would sincerely like to see a revised publication of this work in alignment with standard English grammar rules, simply because I feel it would make it significantly more user friendly.

  • SF Beach - Office 2016: Poor Quality Product.

    I've been using MS Office for two decades. The last good one is the 2003 version. I skipped the 2007 version, because that one crashed all my VBA macro due to the Chinese characters in the modules. Then came the 2010 and 2013. They were very slow and unnecessarily complicated the chart formatting. No deal with those. Now I installed the bundled Office 2016 Home & Student in my new laptop. The charts look awful. When I try to edit the line markers, I could not tell the difference among the selection drop down list, because they are just the dark red and dark green mix. This poor quality product should not have come from Microsoft.

  • W. Purnell - First road bike

    Impressed so far. Rides comfortably. The brakes required some adjusting from my local shop, and the seat had to be swapped out. But the bike itself is very nice, it's a joy to ride it. Would recommend.

  • Mr.D. - I bought this product about a year ago and finally ...

    I bought this product about a year ago and finally got to apply it. There was no mention of a hose to load the mixture into the sprayhead so I had to use a soda straw cut on a bias, applied to the small inlet boss on the underside of the spray head.. The seed would settle out on the bottom and there was insufficient suction to draw it into the spray head within a minute. This is a product that has a promising concept which it, unfortunately, doesn't fulfill.