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Country:, North America, US

City: -74.0633 New Jersey, United States

  • John Dye - Doesn't communicate with software is useless

    Missing screws so laser wanders all over. Can only print test image. Must have wrong software because it refuses to communicate with the laser printer. So printer is fairly useless to me

  • Amazon Customer - Do not recommend; returned the pillow

    It was not "the world's most comfortable pillow" as it was very hard and hot (not cooling). I was so unhappy with it that I returned it.

  • Nick - High expectations, low results

    I was extremely excited to try Advocare 24 Day Challenge and was told great things about it! Many co-workers of mine had done it with mixed results and so I had expectationscsince I eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week. Well, the 24 Days have come and gone and I didn't lose even one pound. I did everything right but don't know why I didn't lose.

  • J. Runnstrom - Improved verbal fluency at a cost.

    The first time I heard of this product I had never heard about nootropics before. Now, I had seen the movie limitless, so I was excited to try Alpha Brain out. Of course I realized that it would not affect me to that extent, but even just a fraction of that would be interesting to me.

  • April the Wrath of Spring - little, yellow, different

    Oh my! What a life saver this little gem is! For most of my life I have been using a potato gun to launch my bananas through the large harp I keep in my kitchen but the results are mediocre at best. They never end up being sliced at the right angle, or they bounce off the wall onto the floor and not into the cereal bowl. But now I don't have to keep all this heavy equipment around and no more cleaning up a huge mess! What a great product! I can't thank the good folks that invented this enough. I owe you my life. Seriously. I would take a bullet for you people. I am currently in a car outside "protecting" your house from intruders. You are welcome. This is gratitude, not stalking. Could you please come out here and tell the nice policeman that I am not a threat to your safety? Fine, I'll leave but I'll be back later. Eating sliced bananas in the car watching you with my yellow bananoculars. WHY DON"T YOU LOVE ME????

  • Mae of the West - Let's go back in time...

    This book, and books like it, remind us of our core values from the past, like when women were expected to be barefoot and pregnant, when interracial marriage was taboo, and when smoking after having sex with a sheep was considered cool. Now all this gay marriage propaganda will cause things like acceptance of a person based on who they are on the inside and how they treat others, white men dancing in a non-embarrassing fashion, and better interior decorating for straight people. What self righteous zealot could live with that kind of insanity??