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  • http://www.usp.org/dietary-supplements/overview USP Dietary Supplement Standards and USP Verified - Lean about USP's efforts to limit contaminants in dietary Supplements through standards, and the USP Verified program.
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  • http://www.usp.org/dietary-supplements/development-process Dietary Supplement Standards Development Process - USP develops public standards to provide quality oversight for dietary supplements and their ingredients. Public input and interaction are vital to the development of these standards, which originate from the draft monographs and data provided by dietary supplement manufacturers, users, and suppliers.
  • http://www.usp.org/dietary-supplements/reference-standards USP Reference Standards for Dietary Supplements | U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention - USP offer more than 300 dietary supplements reference standards. Download the list of available standards. Updated daily.
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  • http://www.usp.org/store/products/food-chemicals-codex-fcc Buy USP Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) - Purchase the Food Chemicals Codex, a compendium of USP food standards for authenticating a wide variety of ingredients.
  • http://www.usp.org/food/fcc-forum The FCC Forum - The FCC Forum is a free online resource that gives FCC users a chance to review and comment on proposed changes to the compendium. Changes and additions to the FCC generally are first proposed in the FCC Forum to invite public comment.

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  • Mr. Robert J. Engan Jr. - Cross platform security one stop shop

    Got this as it is cross platform and all inclusive. This covers home , lap, and mobile. At first it was a bit balky and required some corrections but works well now. Very seamless and relatively transparent, not terribly noticeable with low " drag ", on most programs above all very low maintenance, not requiring a lot of tedious interaction to use and keep.

  • Zach Shively - Works but ok quality

    Works, but the telescopic lens is gritty and there is hair under the dome lens. Not good quality control. Might send it back..

  • G.C. - Adobe gets the better deal

    There's no need to get every single menial update they come out with. I would previously keep my photoshop version for a few years before upgrading. The little periodic updates they give in return for your perpetual allegiance is a small gain for the consumer. Once they have enough subscribers what's the point of them continuing to offer service if everyone is already forced to use their product? Seems like the worst kind of monopoly plot. I understand they hate software piracy, maybe that's because the software is too expensive? When I was a recent grad and a freelancer I could never have afforded to pay for the software, I bought used cd's from ebay, but now everything is a digital download. Look at the pricing of Apple Final Cut Pro x in comparison, that is much more affordable for the young and new videographer.

  • dj_jimmy - Get ready for the Championship.

    Great game. Good graphics and good play. The "become a captain" mode, its great and produces challenges since it takes you back a couple of years to qualify for the cup and position.

  • Thedogsownme - defective out of box

    I bought this last spring intending to use it right away, but got delayed and only just started to use it. Well it leaks badly at one of the conectors where it joins the hose. Also the hose is very stiff and hard to straighen (and it's a much hotter than normal right now). It hasn't kinked on me yet: a plus. Too bad they didn't bother to test it before sending it to Amazon. If I was still in the return period I'd just send it back. I guess I could contact the manufacturer and see if they'd replace it but it's a hassle as the nearest post office is a long ways away from me and returning the hose end would cost as much as a repair part, so I'm here to find a repair kit for a brand new hose. If you intend to test it right away you can always return it but don't delay like I did. I will look for a different brand next time.

  • Tamara Schwartz - Super Product!

    A truly plug & play product. installation took 15 minutes. If I had known it was this easy I would have purchased this for my car years ago!

  • Dawny M. - Works great!

    Surprised to find it works very well here in the tropics in St. Martin. Repellent lotions seem to provide more complete coverage than sprays.