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  • Jeremiah Cody Brown - Love these shoes

    Love these shoes. I wear them almost every day and they still haven't warn out. I've had them for almost 6 months and they look good as new. Very comfortable and slim looking. I like that they aren't bulky and they're very light yet it gives great arch support.

  • M. Weiss - Great system!

    This consoles capabilities are amazing. Pretty simply put but I don't know how else to explain it. There are a fews bugs but I expected it. They are very minor like sometimes the chat for parties don't work. We can usually figure it out and make it work so its not a huge issue. Kinda disappointed in the effort on the party chat now that i'm on the subjet. It's not nearly as good as it was for the 360. Again that's just a minor issue. The new system to where you can dashboard while playing an online game and then come right back to it where you left off is amazing. You can't beat a feature like that. I havn't tried the TV on the xbox but I have heard some good and some bad things on it. For the most part games are great. I have played forza 5 and Call of duty: Ghosts on the systems. Suprisingly everything runs pretty smoothe. If your considering the xbox one as a system I would definately recommend it. I havn't personally played a PS4 so I can't tell you which is better. I just know the xbox one is great.

  • telling the truth - decent book if.........

    it's a decent book if you can overlook the authors shameless self promoting of his website and other materials. I enjoy reading books on this subject and have a whole library of books like this.

  • DorienGrais - Keeps me spinning!

    Slippery poles are dangerous and ever present. I love a product called firm grip for difficult tricks , but I cannot spin with it on my hands. This product keeps me spinning and it's so easy to wash off. (Firm Grip is NOT EASY TO WASH OFF). I go through bottles like this within 10 days. Need to buy stock, lol!

  • Average Customer - It is a brgain, but the CD verion is much easier to install!.

    This download version of Norton's antivirus 2013 is certainly a bargain. But I found it difficult to download; after buying it, I tried downloading four times without any download starting. I called my daughter-in-law (of the smart phone generation) and she had no trouble downloading, installing, and entering the product code. It is working well for me, automatically scanning, updating, and counting down remaining days. but, it nagged me to Sign In; I don't see the need to do that, but they offered help to reset my password and I did it; but that has not entirely stopped the nag. I will buy the CD version next time; it is so much easier to get installed and working.

  • Alma - Great information!

    I bought this book for a computer course; it is wonderfully illustrated and organized, but I am having difficulty reading through it because there is so much information packed into each chapter. The CD is a plus; it has interactive animation and website information that really helps add life to the text. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the inner and outer workings of the computer. Beware of used copies, however, because they often do not come with a CD. Our class is required to complete the labs on the CD at the end of each chapter. This is a book that I will definitely keep at the end of the term.

  • Midnite Worldwide, Ltd. - Enjoyed It!

    Unusual, but interesting plot. Story moves at good pace with plenty of action, a little humor, familiar characters, and eccentric hero.