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  • Karina Hofacker - Works perfect

    Easy to screw in. Works perfect. No bend. No imperfections. Had it for a while now and still looks like i just got it. Never has caused us any issues with satellite or anything. So glad our long eyesore is gone. Deffinetly would recommend this product.

  • Lynda - First of all I love being a Prime member

    First of all I love being a Prime member!!! AND being able to read others reviews on this product. I had a break out of shingles on my hand. With being in tons of pain I needed something that worked fast. I had it delivered same day.....ahhhhhhhhh and the healing began. It is extremely helpful for the pain and I feel it is quickening the healing process. I also understand every one has a different body chemistry where somethings work for some and not for others. But with type of pain I was willing to try and i am so grateful i did. :O)

  • Mrresurface - Awesome Bluetooth Solution

    Very Happy. Perfect Sound, not static. Love the ability to quickly change songs on the dongle. Battery life is awesome. Also nice to be able to charge while using. Win win. Hard to find a product with very few negative reviews. Hats off to this product.

  • MizJones - Finally, A Documentary That Tells The Truth

    I always wondered why our president did the things he does, and what his real history is and why the media seemed so intent on covering it all up. Now I know. Through his characteristic soft spoken approach, D'Souza explains every detail of Obama's history, his father's history, and the men who mentored him up until the day he first took office in 2008. For the first time, I have a better understanding of his Kenyan/Marxist/Anti-Colonialist roots and what drives the man to behave the way he has for two terms. Why he's sympathetic to Muslim extremists while cutting off Israel, why he has so little concern for our well being as a nation (he hates this nation in my opinion) while going out of his way to funnel money to post-Colonial countries and the Middle East.

  • leishadaniel - and felt like I was living it with them

    Watched all 11 seasons in about 6 weeks, and felt like I was living it with them. A week after finishing season 11, I'm still devastated that they would kill Derek off so quickly and without much closure. I just kept praying that Merideth would wake up from her 5 o'clock 'freak out' and it would have all been just her thinking of the worst case scenario. I guess I still keep wishing it would happen, after all, we did go through a year and a half worth of time in a few short episodes, why not go backward too! Although it felt like the series would go on forever previously, now I'm not so sure. I don't think it will ever be the same, but I do still love most of the characters, so for me it's still worth watching for now...

  • James E Rowe Sr - Too new to me

    Not use to this format, I have all ways used street atlas - Will give it more time and see how things turn out