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  • melinda hester - This is the top grade of these products

    I make my own detergent, and scent it with essential oils. Also, make my own laundry starch. I scent it with the lavender. Love my pillowcases smelling like lavender, and it helps you sleep. Each oil needs to be researched to see what it does. You will be amazed how well they work. Eucylptus can be dropped in the shower to unstop sinus's. Just put 4 or 5 drops in the bottom of your shower, seal the drain, and turn on the hot shower. The vapors unstop your sinus's quickly. All of the oils have a different job, and they really work naturally. I like using something non chemical. i had always wondered why my neighbors house smelled so pretty. She was using essential oils. No plug in will make your house smell this clean and pretty. When you cook, it seems the house is permeated with food smell. Just put a pot of water on the stove, and put in peppermint oil a few drops, or orange, lemongrass is a good one. I like orange with a little bit of cloves and cinnamon. I mop with these oils to make the house smell great. Its a clean fresh scent, and it doesn't bother my asthma or allergies. if you make your own detergent, you can scent it with these oils, which is originally what I bought it for. i love peppermint laundry, or orange in my laundry. Tea tree oil kills germs in the laundry. No detergent I've ever heard of kills germs in the laundry, but the kind you make can. if you make your own soap, you can scent it with these.

  • Casey - The Pioneers sound great but I just want something "more"

    Installed this in my 02 ram 1500. Was able to fit two TS-W254R subs with more than enough clearance. I had to remove the steal covers that go under the rear seats but that was a simply task. Now upgraded to the Sundown SD-2 10D4s (on the way and in the mail). The Pioneers sound great but I just want something "more". These boxes are great and the Sundown Team said they would work perfect with my setup.

  • Vogt_51 - Works as advertised. Customer Service a plus.

    Our Cooper Cooler works just how they say it does. Chills everything very fast. Ours was a gift that wasn't opened for a couple months. We had problems getting it to run. The directions are very simple and straightforward so you can't really mess that up but ours needed to push a bunch of buttons to get it to react.

  • Kelley Farley - I refuse to rent software. I won't for Microsoft ...

    I refuse to rent software. I won't for Microsoft Office and I won't fit Photoshop. When you get Greedy you will lose business and by the reviews, Adobe has definitely lost business.

  • helen - Useless

    This did not help me at all. It might help the person with alot of investments or rental properties or a complicated return because he covers those in depth. But there isn't to much information for the basic tax return with a small business.

  • G. Gettmann - Why Stomach Acid is Good For You

    I think the book is terrific. I feel a lot of people who have Gerd, Heartburn or other digestive problems would benefit tremendously if they would read this book. You probably won't hear this information from your doctor, as for the most part they don't know it themselves. They are trained to give prescriptions to take care of symptoms, not get to the heart of the problem.