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  • Eric - Good Product at a good price - Instructions could be a little clearer

    Good Product at a good price. As with other reviews, the issue is in the installation. As indicated with the instructions and other reviews, the front and back are different lengths. What is less clear is which side is right (passenger side) and which is left (driver's side). Underneath the bracket is a single screw, which exposed the part numbers. One side started with LH and the other RH. I would assume this means Left Half and Right Half. If you look at bracket closely, one side is more sloped that the other. The difference is subtle. One looks like about a 80% angle with the other is more like 70%. Based on the RH and LH markers, the more sloped side should face the rear of the car. The more perpendicular side faces forward. When I put the rack on in this manner, all of the screws lined up well.

  • Forest K. Duncan - Works well enough, but is difficult to use

    This tester does seem to work, and would be easy to use if only the manufacturer would include a more legible label. The tester has 3 lights that are energized in 6 different possible combinations. There is a label on the device that illustrates the meanings of the 6 different light combinations, but the color-coding on the label is difficult to see.

  • BeautynBooze - Works great

    This is my second scrub by aria star and it works great. I love to keep them in the shower. It is sensitive enough to use on my face and not irritate and harsh enough to be able to help get rid of the dry skin on the soles of my feet!