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  • birdlover - Awesome for fast, uniformly sliced produce

    I bought this slicer to make thin cuts in foods like tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, and potatoes. I'm extremely satisfied with the Kobra's performance. I use a Microplane glove along with the guard and as long as you are careful, you can avoid slicing a finger by mistake. The blade is extremely sharp and the unit rinses easily. I look forward to some wonderful veggie gratins with a much faster prep time.

  • Brandon - "I'm going to beat the holy hell out of one of you"

    So if you watched the end of Season 6 you were fully aware that someone was going to get beat by Lucille (Negan's Bat). Negan specifically said, "I'm going to beat the holy hell out of one of you" after showing Lucille. And also told Rick, "You are going to be up to speed real shortly, your going to so regret crossing me in a few minutes" So quit being a bunch of crybabies and stating this episode ruined it for you. It was presented to us last season that this season 7 opener was going to be gruesome. Sure I may not be happy that 2 of my favorite characters died/brutally killed in the season opener, but for 6-7 months since the end of Season 6 I was able to prepare myself for what we were about to see. You can't even say you couldn't see it from a a mile away because it was directly in your face what was about to happen. Season 6 ended with Negan beating someone to death with Lucille to which we had to wait 6-7 months to find out WHO he killed. Again, quit being crybabies already. Majority rules and I'd say 99% of the audience knew to expect something devastating. So go ahead and be disappointed, I am. But not at all with the story they presented. They opened up a whole new layout and a great story to be told in the future episodes from here on. With that being said even the directors and producers said this episode will have an effect on seasons to come. END RANT... Oh and Season 8 is already confirmed! :D

  • Kristin - Great Hot Cream

    I got this Hot Cream for Cellulite, Muscle, Pain Relief 250g after hearing great things from a friend. Not only that I found that this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for without the hassle of buying this in the store. I really like the fact that this is a top quality product that can help me in the ways that only this product could. Im glad it worked perfectly well. This is just awesome and I'm super happy with my purchase overall. So I was super happy with being able to get this such in a reasonable cost and not only that the quality was great. This was exactly what I needed at a reasonable cost like it should be. And this seller did not skimp on quality I'll tell you that much. So this is definitely a must have it if you don't have loads of extra money to spend on other similar products that offer the same results.

  • Darin Staab - Not as expected

    I have been taking it for four weeks and have not noticed much in my shoulder and back arthritis . I will stick to a product for bones and joints i get from my sister in law from a company called isagenix, it seems to make a huge difference in only a couple weeks.