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  • C. Bonney - Class Action Suit Anyone...?!?! It's that BAD

    I purchased this product in 2010 from the Mazda dealership in Rockville, MD (now Ourisman Mazda). Not only does it NOT work as described or advertised, but their customer service is horrible. I have had a claim opened with them since April 2014 and the infamous Ms. Alves (see Audrey's review below), has been stalling the claim with her lack of response to phone calls, emails, repair estimates and even suggested, after they have received the cost to repair at the paint shop they recommended, that I take it to another shop of their choice, clear across the country. Next step for me is to see if a Better Business Bureau complaint has been file and/or a class action suit against the company.

  • Vickie - Great book.

    Love, Murder and Mystery. Wow, what a story. Full of unpredictable twists and turn, secrets, betrayal, suspense and of course a sweet and beautiful second chance at love. This is one book you just have to read. These authors have written an amazing story, you will not be disappointed. I voluntarily agreed to review an arc of this book with my honest opinion.

  • Dani - Great product if you have realistic expectations

    I started taking this product a week ago. I have been dieting and exercising, but have been stuck on a plateau for several weeks. I continued with my program just as I had before I started taking Relacore. I figured that taking a multivitamin with several herbal ingredients surely couldn't hurt anything. I've lost an inch in my waist and started to slowly lose weight again. I think it's too soon for the herbs to have any significant effect, but I feel great, I have energy, and my hair and nails look great! If you have realistic expectations, I think you'll be successful. If you're looking for a super fat burning pill, this isn't it.

  • J. Layton - Totally satisfied with the machine-learn from me.

    My wife drinks several liters of seltzer a day. We buy the kind with all natural flavoring. You can imagine how many bottles we buy a week and have to carry out to the car and then into the house. Once they are empty I found myself filling a 40-gallon recycling bin with the bottles, every week! I searched Amazon knowing that there would be a soda maker for sale. The Sodastream brand had the best reviews. I also saw the machine for sale in a high-end shop in Roanoke, VA. When I returned home I immediately ordered a basic kit that included two seltzer bottles and the filling machine. I was not interested in their artificial flavorings. The machine is fairly well built but it is not commercial grade. You have to use common sense and handle it like it is made of plastic...which it is. The kit comes with two plastic bottles and a charged cylinder of CO2 gas. The bottles get filled with water and then screw into the filling machine. The bottles are made of sturdy plastic with a sealed cap to help retain the gas once you charge the bottle. The threads are custom-made for the machine. You can't use your regular soda bottles on the Sodastream. The CO2 cylinder is also fitted with a custom thread pattern exclusive to the Sodastream device. Here is where you should pay careful attention!

  • GardenGirl3878 - I like this kit a lot

    I like this kit a lot. It's really easy to use and I have seen a slight difference. I only left mine on for 15 minutes 2 days in a row. I was really nervous about getting it on my gums so I used it differently and I had no problems with painful gums. I used a small, clean makeup brush to gently brush on the gel on to each tooth instead of just putting little beads in the mouth trays. When the mouth trays hit your teeth, the beads flatten and go right up into the gums and it just sits there on them causing irritation. If you brush a small amount on the teeth you are really putting it just where you want it. I took photos of my teeth before and after and I can see the slightest difference in whiteness. Now, this wasn't like glowing teeth afterward but it did remove a bit of yellow stains..I drink a lot of tea so I am happy with my results so far. My teeth used to get really sensitive when I did the Crest whitestrips but so far I have had no sensitivity whatsoever and no stinging. I received this kit at a discount in exchange for my honest review. If you can keep the gel off the gums, you should have no problems. Lots of product for many uses and packaged securely.