What Is Eczema? Eczema Explained Simply, For Some Much Needed Relief - Understanding eczema. The types, the causes and the treatments. Need to know information with some added personal experiences of living with a itch you shouldn't scratch

  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/types-of-eczema.html Types Of Eczema - Working out which one of the types of eczema you have can help with the management and treatment of the condition. Symptoms can be similar, but the look and causes can be quite different
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/eczema-symptoms.html Eczema Symptoms - Learning what the Eczema Symptoms are will help you to recognise if you or your child have an outbreak. Recognising any condition will help you to manage and treat it
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/eczema-causes.html Eczema Causes - There are many Eczema Causes. They can trigger inflammation and a resulting flare-up. Finding out the things that irritate your skin is the start of better managing your eczema
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/eczema-treatments.html Eczema Treatments - Eczema Treatments are used to reduce inflammation and the accompanying symptoms. They help you manage your eczema. Lessening the worry and stress that having eczema can cause
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/natural-eczema-treatment.html Natural Eczema Treatment - Natural eczema treatment maybe something you want to try after years of using conventional treatments. There are different types, that you can read about here
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/baby-eczema.html Baby Eczema - Baby eczema can be very distressing for your little one as well as yourself, as their parent. Luckily there are many ways that can help you to manage, treat and reduce the likelihood of an outbreak
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/eczema-on-body.html Eczema On Body - As an eczema sufferer you may have eczema on body parts all over. Different parts may require differing treatments and ways to manage it. Learn more about how to deal with eczema on various body parts
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/atopic-disease.html Atopic Disease - An atopic disease is caused by an allergy. There are a number of ailments, called the atopic conditions. If you have one, its likely you will have another. They tend to be easily managed and treated
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/common-skin-diseases.html Common Skin Diseases - There are some common skin diseases that can sometimes be mistaken for eczema. It is important to get a quick diagnosis. Then the right treatment can be started, and the condition managed
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/your-stories.html Your Stories - It doesn't matter how long eczema has been part of your life, we all have a story. I'd love to hear your stories and tips, and if you have any questions I'll share them so the community can help
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/eczema-blog.html Eczema Blog - The Eczema Blog keeps you up to date with all additions and changes to the what-is-eczema.com website. Subscribe here
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/about-me.html About Me - Find out about me and why I decided I wanted to provide information about eczema for the world wide web. And how this passion combined with a great website builder made my site possible
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/advertising-disclosure.html Advertising Disclosure - Please read the advertising disclosure for What Is Eczema? to find out more about the advertisements on the site
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/eczema-moisturizers.html Eczema Moisturizers - Eczema Moisturizers play a vital part I the treatment of eczema. They help protect the skin from further damage. This can help to reduce the recurrence of flare ups
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/atopic-dermatitis.html Atopic Dermatitis - The most common type of eczema is Atopic Dermatitis. Around 15 in every 100 children will have it at sometime. To be able to help your child, it helps to understand the condition
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/irritant-contact-dermatitis.html Irritant Contact Dermatitis - Irritant Contact Dermatitis is the most common of the two types of Contact Dermatitis. Anything can cause a reaction. Working out your triggers and the best treatments will help you manage it
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/dyshidrotic-eczema.html Dyshidrotic Eczema - Dyshidrotic Eczema doesn't have a known cause. In some people it is a reoccuring condition. With the right treatment it can be managed
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/nickel-allergy.html Nickel Allergy - A Nickel Allergy can be caused by many everyday items. Some you probably wouldn't even think of. To find out what contains it, how to reduce contact, and how to treat affected skin, read on
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/perfume-allergies.html Perfume Allergies - Perfume allergies can be a major irritation if you are an eczema sufferer. It can effect what you do and what products you can use. But there are ways that you can still use some fragranced products
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/pet-dander-allergy.html Pet Dander Allergy - Having a pet dander allergy can make being around animals stressful, especially if its your own pet. There are some things you can do to help make your home a better environment for your allergy
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/eczema-cream.html Eczema Cream - Eczema cream, well not just the cream. There‚Äôs also eczema ointment and eczema lotion. They all do the same job. The one you use depends on the body area affected, and the condition of your skin
  • http://www.what-is-eczema.com/topical-corticosteroids.html Topical Corticosteroids - Topical Corticosteroids are a first line treatment for eczema. They are used directly on the skin, and are used to reduce the symptoms of inflammation

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