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  • Bunny - No skill required just money

    Don't waste time or money on this game. I reached Los Angles 108 and like most games it does get more difficult. However, the game designers seem to make things not really more difficult for your skill level, but more difficult so you will spend money. I have spent too much time stuck on one level. At 108, you can only go forward if you master all three levels. Skill is not necessary, just money, because the level gives you only one choice per action, you take that action, and then there is just one more choice and so it resets the pieces, and there is just one more choice, and so it goes, until there are no more opportunities to play, so you start again. I've contacted support at Big Fish Games about this level and other levels and have never had a response.

  • C. Merchant - Excellent colllection

    we bought this for my 10 year old son, who loves to read the New Yorker, excellent collection of their cartoons.

  • Josh Dodge - It worked great!

    I bought this for a trip into the BWCA this July I needed it to charge a Contour Roam2 camera and an Iphone 4s, and an Itouch. It worked great for charging the Contour Roam2 however due to a slight mix up the morning we set off into the BWCA none of the three iphone charging cables were placed into a pack that we took in so not sure how it would have worked for the Iphone I guess that will have to be found out on a later trip. For packing the Goal Zero in we just slipped it in between two sleeping bags so it would not get bent or broken worked great.

  • Amazon Customer - Frustration after frustration - AVOID this product

    I have used Quickbooks in the past. This is my first with payroll. I was reluctant to purchase this product due to what I believe to be exorbitant cost. Installation has been a nightmare. Their Filipino call center wants 59.95 just to help WITH INSTALLATION! My billion dollar plus banking institution was not recognized - they wanted money to register it. After days I still have no payroll capacity. Multiple completely valid credit cards have been denied to pay their extra payroll charges. This is HORRID! One more frustration and I will be dropping Quickbooks for all my companies.