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  • Amazon Customer - I do love the size and the material and zipper do feel ...

    Buyer Beware. I just received this bag. I do love the size and the material and zipper do feel really well made. However, the straps are a horrible design. I contacted the seller for instructions and how to install (no paperwork in the box) and was told you have to tie the ends of each strap in a knot around whatever you are using as your anchor point on your vehicle. This doesn't seem safe at all when going down the highway at 70mph with a fully loaded bag on your roof! I am keeping the bag because I do like the size and the option to expand. However, I'm using my personal ratchet straps with hooks to securely adhere this to the roof. I've tested the strap size (standard 15' straps) and they do fit the sewn in attachment points on the bag.

  • Tenna Baedke - great book

    Great to deal with will buy exact part I needed for the software use would recommend this business again for others.

  • Tony - the best har loss remedy so far

    I have been using the comb with revivogen for about 10 weeks, and I am very pleased with the results. The bald spot in the crown is getting smaller, and I can see lots of hair growing along the hairline, some of which have become terminal hairs. I am using the comb all over the scalp and the revivogen only on the crown and the temples. Previously, I used rogaine with mixed results. So here is my conclusion so far: 1. the comb works 2. revivogen probably helps (I will eventually cut it out) 3. rogaine only prevents the folicles from dying, but does not help grow anything. But thanks to rogaine, since the follicle did not die, the comb+revivogen is able to bring them back to full life. I really like the comb. It's a relaxing ritual, and it fluffs up your hair.

  • satellitehigh - Warning: Attracts Alien Life!

    This product definitely works great for fixing an unruly head of hair but what the other reviews don't mention is that it also acts as a beacon for sentient life on other planets. Three minutes after turning it on to comb my trademark "Macklemore" haircut, I was startled by a sudden knock at my apartment door and opened it to reveal three small grey creatures. They had giant eyes and big heads and were all wearing tie-dyed t-shirts that read "Chills" and one of them pointed what appeared to be a space-weapon at my chest.

  • Kids love it! - Didn't help my son

    I bought this and rubbed it on my pregnant belly for 9 months, I then rubbed this on my sons forehead for the first 10 years of his life... I am VERY disappointed that my son is not a wall climbing, nunchuck swinging, green hero. I now have a defective "hero" with ADHD. Don't buy this.

  • D. Hailey - Holding up to heavy traffic

    Fast delivery, perfect fit, no signs of wear after several months of heavy traffic (forgive the "pun").