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  • T Geyer - My dog has had very nasty side effects including neurological issues like intense shaking

    Please BEWARE!! If you are using this collar as an alternative option due to adverse reactions in your dog from topicals or oral flea/tick preventives/killers, PLEASE use with extreme CAUTION!! My dog has had very nasty side effects including neurological issues like intense shaking, salivation, disorientation, loss of coordination, vomiting, etc from such treatments as trifexis (had a seizure), sentinel, topical spot treatments (Advantage, Frontline, etc). He can't even tolerate the natural spray flea killers like Wondercide (cedar oil) or Vet's Best Natural Flea & Tick Spray (peppermint oil); he runs and rolls like his skin is burning. Why did I put the collar on him? Desperation & pure exhaustion from the flea battle.

  • T. L. Pistole - Best knee sleeve ever!

    I have purchased several kinds of knee braces for both my husband and I. These are by far our favorite brand that we have used. These are a very thick style of neoprene (ok I cant guarantee exactly what kind of material it is actually I did not bother to read it) I love it though. It doesn't slide around when moving around doing exorcises, sweat doesn't seem to make it get all soft and yucky or fall off. My husband typically uses the kind with the open patella and this one does not have that (I know that was my fault bc I didn't think about it when I bought these) but he tried them anyways and found that he likes them even better and did not even know that is what he should be doing differently to make his knees hurt less! SO win for me not reading all the way through before buying! These are a very nice thick material, with great seams (he always rips the seams out within a month or so) and we go through a lot of the other brands) This comes as a pair which is even better bc many of the ones he has to buy come singly and it gets so expensive! But long story short these are a great find and the best pair of all types and price points of knee sleeves we have tried ever.

  • Astral - Slow, Unresponsive and a Waste of Money

    The title says it all... this game is horribly slow. The Wii cursor crawls across the screen, you can't skip most of the dialogue, and the game runs at a snail's pace. Speaking of the dialogue, everything the host says is unnaturally spoken and choppy. They spliced it together terribly, making it seem like a broken translator. The questions are terrible, and often the game won't recognize what you input or change it to something completely different, even if your answer is up there. The graphics are atrocious. Everything is hideously ugly. It uses your Miis, but only the faces, the rest of the animation is choppy and poorly implemented. Your Mii characters look like broken puppets on the screen. The game gives you a few options for backdrops and show themes, but after choosing them it never shows up. You can unlock some videos from the actual Family Feud show, which is nice if you are a fan of recent incarnations of The Feud, but it's a small and useless extra in a game that just plain stinks. The original NINTENDO version back in the 80s was better than this trash.

  • Queshelle - Ehhh these were just ok...

    It was just okay. In the beginning for maybe like the first week or two, it worked awesome. I wanted to get up and workout while taking these, It took 2 per day for 30 days and I don't really think I lost that much weight but I can say that it helped me to find my motivation to start working out again.