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  • L. Gault - underachiever

    My son is a brilliant underachiever in HS. Up Your Score ACT was suggested to him by his guidance counselor...about the best thing he recommended this summer. My sometimes-bored, always perceptive kid showed me this underground guide with the remark, "These guys--Arp, Chen, Fish and Swafford--really know what they're talking about and I think this will help boost my College prep score." I second my son's opinion, this is about the best test prep book I've seen and I know part of my son's success will be determined by how much he likes the book and how much of it he will take with him into the ACT test.

  • Matthew Cord - Apocalypse WOW!

    I remember when it started. Or, rather, when THEY started. The dead...rising. Rising with an insatiable hunger for the flesh of the living. It was madness. A sick, downward spiral for the human race. We went out with a whimper, not a bang. Earth has a new apex predator, and it isn't us. Or should I say, it is us - or what we became... The throngs of humans who used to cover every habitable inch of the globe are gone, either torn to peices and devoured by their souless, dead-eyed neighbors, or worse, transformed into the shambling, ravenous nightmares that now populate the decaying cities and fallow countrysides from New York to Beijing. In the blink of an eye - a few short panic-filled, gruesome weeks - the human race simply devolved to nothingness or was remade into something else... One talking head in one of the last television broadcasts said, "we appear to be making ourselves extinct." And so we did. And so we are. But not all of us. No, not quite. I'm still here. I don't even want to think about what I've had to do, had to see these past months in order to survive. It seems like madness is constantly sitting on my shoulder, upping the ante every time I think I've expereineced the worst of it. Like that time right at the beginning when I looked out my third floor apartment window one Thursday morning and literally choked on my coffee as I watched a line of Nuns crossing the street set upon out of nowhere by a pack of them. Like that time a couple weeks later when I snuck roof-top-to-roof-top to get to the hospital to get precious insulin for a dying neighbor - I got there and stumbled into the maternity ward by mistake...They have no mercy, their hunger knows no age limit. Or the time a eight days later when I saw my wife torn apart in front of my eyes by a mob of them; me powerless, armed impotently with only a tennis racket. A tennis racket... From that day to this I've seen more horrors and each one lives with me and they seem to mock me even as they accumulate, mock me for being so stupid to have not simply let those things take me and end it. But I can't for some reason. I know it's pointless, and something deep in my gut assures me I am the last of our kind. But I just can't bring myself to end it. And when the sun goes down...I sit baracaded inside this apartment listening to the plaintive moans of the undead and the endless scratching of their ragged nails as they try in vain to claw through the steel fire door to get to me. To get a brief respite from the maddening moans and scrapes as I choke down what passes for dinner, I softly hum a fragment of a mostly forgotten hymn my grandmother taught me when I was a little boy...It is pure, undiluted torture. least it WAS! After finding a mildewed copy of Sonia Allison's Microwave For One in a trash chute as I was fleeing the rotting grasp of a decomposing doorman, my lonely nightly repast has become a solitray feast! Let the reanimated hoardes howl! Let them scratch and wail and gnash their blood-caked teeth! I chuckle at them now as I enjoy my individual-sized portion of Turkey Stroganoff (the tip about adding the breadcrumbs just before taking it out to allay sogginess potential? Mmm! Genius!). Bless you Sonia Allison, whoever you are! Or...were.

  • David D - Worth the aggravation

    Plan on using 1 of these every couple of months on your skeeter vac. It works nicely capturing biting flies (deer, horse etc...) plus mosquitos and gnat/no see-ums. It fills up pretty quick in my yard (New England), We have a 4-4 1/2 month mosquito season, theres a million of the little vampires in the air during that time though. I dont know if the attractant really has much of an effect but these are definately worth it for me.