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  • Alec - I Love Everything About This Case

    I am so pleased that I got this case!! Everything about it is top quality. I'm not even sure where to start with the positives on this case because they are so many. First of all, the look of the case is really nice. Nothing about the case looks or feels cheap. For starters, the magnet enclosure on the back of the case which stores your credit cards is very strong and by no means will ever come loose on accident because the magnets used are quality ones. Speaking of the area that holds your credit cards, even that space is well designed. I noticed a little ramp inside which makes it much easier to retrieve cards from the inside. Without this little ramp they included, removing cards would be difficult. I appreciate all the effort the designers put into making this case the best they could. The leather flap covering the cards feels premium and that's great because its a portion of the phone you'll be holding most of the time. One of the other great parts about this cover is that the card holder flap can be transformed easily into a sturdy stand for your phone. Just another great innovation with this case. The credit card holder holds 3 cards, which means I can carry my drivers license ID, my debit card, and my credit card. Some card holder cases only have room for 2 cards, which is a bummer. This case holds 3 which is perfect for me on a daily basis.

  • Texas - Not as good as BF Hardline

    Multiplayer: I will give this game 5 stars for the graphics, but I'd say that this is not even close to being as good as Hardline (the best game in the franchise IMO) or even BF4, so 3 stars on the gameplay. The limited amount of weapons does represent the era but it did get boring after only 15 hours of gameplay. Not enough modifications. Battle chests only provide useless skins. Who cares what your gun looks like if it sucks no matter what.

  • Jeff Sadowski - Fun work out.

    My 2 year old and I love to dance to it. It has nice playlists you can dance two to get a bit of a fun work out.

  • KansasWaldo - A quality glass cleaner that is easy on the wallet

    I purchased a can of the Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner after struggling with fogged up windows during the winter. The cleaner cut through any grime on my windows with ease and left them crystal clear. Fog is no longer a problem and quickly dissipates with the defroster on.

  • Christy - Don't let dad open the box.

    I previously complained about this product. I need to retract my first comment. They were easy to install (after fishing the instructions out of the garbage that my dad so nicely threw away) I had said there was no way to put these things on with just 2 screws. Well with no instructions, I thought you had to drill all the holes in the fender of the truck, not so. They look and seam to be very sturdy.

  • Bunnieslair - perfect for those meetings where you have to do something ...

    8.5 x 11, spiral bound, perfect for those meetings where you have to do something to keep from going insane.. color! It says it 's a school date book, I use it for work.