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  • dw in mb - Great if you have to buy your own code books

    I teach as an adjunct and was very disappointed when my classes were ready to start in January and I hadn't been given new code books. If you have to pay for your own code books, these are priced the best.

  • xaurelie - Much Improved!

    Not the top of the line, but these are MUCH better than the Classic. They grip onto your teeth so you have to really pull to get them off. The gel works just as well as the Classic but because it stays on better, it has more time to work. With the Classic I always felt like the gel would foam up and slide off my teeth, and I'd have to spit it out. The Advanced Seal keeps it all on the teeth where it should be. These are definitely worth the price difference over the Classic!

  • A to Z - Not sure yet

    A lot of the reviews i read states they spray this and soon they find a bunch of dead roaches. I never did quite experience this. I mainly concentrated my efforts in the kitchen then dinning room and finally living room but i sprayed about 70% of the bottle in the kitchen over a period of few days. I did notice after the 2nd application i saw more roaches visibly wandering about. I would then step or kill them with the broom. I then did nothing for the next few days and decided for a 3rd application. Right now there isnt much left in the can maybe about 5-6 more sprays left. Still no visible corpses (maybe 3-4). Its now right around the 2 week mark since first application. Although i havent seen many dead roaches i have noticed a drop of live roach sightings. This is especially true when given the light test. Turning off the kitchen and dinning room light off for a few minutes then turning them back on. Not sure if they are going back to their nests and dying there or they simply scattered to new hiding spots. Might wait a few more days before deciding on buying another can or going a different route.