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  • Norton - good at cleaning and quick

    I think that it made cleaning quicker. Usually you have to get the mop, the bucket and the soap out, etc. This one you just undo the cord and plug it in. (and there's still water in it probably from last time). I used it twice and I think that overall it did a good job with both the sweeping and the cleaning. I feel like if I went over it afterwards with a broom and mop I wouldn't have be able to pick any more up. Downsides are I think that it made my floors less shiny afterwards. I'm not sure why. It was also hard to push. Not for anyone that is weak. And perhaps not as useful for sweeping only because of this. And you do have to get into the corner and sometimes underneath things with a broom first, but this is no big deal. Also there is still a little of emptying things after cleaning. Overall useful.

  • R. Stonehouse - Good for Tinnitis

    helped the ringing in my ears. I had read that choline in the diet would help rid me of tinnitis. Saw this and thought I would try it. The ringing in my ears have really been helped taking this Choline.

  • R. O'Kane - Just what I was looking for.

    I'm pushing 40 and my skin is feeling it. I have noticed a big change in my elasticity and the appearance appearance of lines. This retinal serum has seemed to help.

  • Jackie - Can I have a Dante?

    Even though Jodie grew up in the family home she was unaware until she left for college that her family was a major Irish mob family, she had always been shielded from it, until her home is invaded one night, and her family is killed, she is taken prisoner, Dante is chosen as the man to watch her and “ break” her, get her ready for a sex trafficking ring the Italian mob family was getting into, while he didn't want anything to do with it, he didn't have a choice.

  • Gimpy Hippy - Very nice

    Love the creamy texture and how it leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed without dryness. I do not like the way this product smells, it stinks in my opinion. Other than that it is a great facial Cleanser.