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  • J. Renken - Pretty good, but has a few cons

    As someone who just recently switched from Wii to Kinect, I have to say this workout game blows Wii out of the water. It's so much better not to have to fumble with the remote. The recognition is pretty darn accurate in the game, though at times I felt it did not count something I was doing (or perhaps I was doing it wrong). It's a lot more fun than the Wii too as it's faster paced and you can choose different types of short workouts and combine them.

  • Didi - Thruth at last.

    This was a very interesting book seting forth the facts about whay is going on and the media should be ashamed for the lies it tells 'l

  • M&T - No Love

    I want to love these, but I don't. I got them for running on the treadmill at the gym. First, they are to big in the posts that stick out from your ears. Second, I don't know why but I could never feel comfortable with these. lastly, I had pairing problems with them. Sometimes they would pair fine and other times they would not pair at all and I would just run without the music.

  • missmac - LOVE IT

    I can't find it in the store anymore either but am glad I can order here. It works really good for me. I've used it at home

  • Robert B - Great little hand warmer by zippo, I prefer one per hand

    I'm zippo (and lighter) obsessed, and I always have been since I was a child. When I saw Zippo made other products I couldnt wait to try one out. Living in frigid Chicago and going to Bears games, my hands are always cold, so I gave this a shot. First let me clarify something I was wary about; No there is no open flame in there, you take of the guard and there is a small filter like cap on the reservoir that trasfers the fuel to heat energy as opposed to flame. You fill the reservoir under that cap with the fuel like any old zippo (they provide you with a nice filling jar/container to measure out your fuel) and put the cap on. You do light it with a lighter to get the reaction happening in the small cap, then you place the guard on. When its not sub-zero, its great for both hands, when its really cold I wish I had two, one to put in each glove because it wont warm two hands through gloves, but I would buy it again.