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  • N. Ronning - Installed OK on Win 10, Had to set for ...

    Installed OK on Win 10, Had to set for Win Vista compatibility, use 640x480 screen mode, and disable the high DPI option. OK package of traditional casino games.

  • Fair review - Installs easy, and doesn't use a lot of system resources- overall excellent so far

    Did a lot of homework and decided to buy this product as it averaged number 2 out of many products with numerous reviews at a fantastic price. Bitdefender was almost always rated better as of Jan 2013 and I also bought and use that product. Both have worked great so far with no viruses or malware infections on the several computers they protect. I decided not to use a single product on all computers as no anti-virus is perfect and you don't want all your systems taken down by a single point of failure. This product so far is doing a great job : no system slow down, not annoying, updates quietly and without bothering you and seems to work and scan very fast. overall and excellent product so far.

  • Sidney Snyder - great

    This is a great fly reel. I'm an avid fisherman and this reel while not too expensive gets the job done and then some.

  • Erik F Goulding - I am puzzled by the immediate dislike for this album

    I am puzzled by the immediate dislike for this album. Is it Bleed American, or even Invented? No, but it's also a far sight better than Damage, and holds up pretty well against other middle-tier Jimmy Eat World albums released in the past fifteen years. Which is to say, it's a solid album with some very high points ("Sure and Certain" sounds like the kind of earworm I'm going to be whistling for the next six months), and a couple of B-sides that I probably won't skip when they come up on shuffle. If you've liked most of their discography, and are worried that this is the spiritual successor to "Damage," you don't need to worry. I'm happy with my eight buck purchase.

  • G. Porter - Will not buy this from amazon again

    I love the product and have used it for years. Thought I would save a bit of money and order it from amazon. It took me longer than I anticipated to finish up my last jar, so it was past the 30 day return period (by a week) when I finally opened this box. The cream was almost bright yellow and entirely the wrong consistency! Oh well, lesson learned. I will stick to Sephora or Ulta in the future. At least their stock hopefully hasn't been sitting around in a warehouse for who knows how long.