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  • ED ROTH - Very well written story, most of which was based on fact

    This story is a well written historical fiction. Although my family came in through Canada, the stories of the famine and life in America were right on with this book. I really enjoyed

  • Michael - Errors

    The book is decent as a review of the material necessarily for the test. Some explanations are made more complicated than they should be however. Also the explanations on the practice tests are not very useful and the practice tests themselves contain several frustrating errors.

  • Robert - Picks up dust and hair rather than pushing it around

    I like the duster because it doesn't push dust and hair around. It picks it up. However, it has trouble picking up larger chunks of dirt. I hate normal sweeping because it pushes so much around and it's hard to pick up all the dust and hair. So what do you do? Both. I find this works ok alone, but does a nice job as a final clean up after I have swept if there are larger pieces of dirt to sweep up. The mop is a nice bonus for a quick cleanup, but won't replace your normal mop. Why do I say all this? I think it's a great supplemental piece of cleaning equipment, but it won't fully replace a mop or a broom.

  • mscalij - Made my hair a hot mess!

    I was soooo excited to try this treatment after reading all of the glowing reviews. I washed my hair and let it dry before putting on the product so it would absorb thoroughly. I saturated my hair and left it on overnight. The smell is unpleasant but I found myself getting used to it and noticing less. It also seems to evaporate a bit. So I wake up and CAN'T WAIT to wash my hair and see the results. I shampood twice because it seemed like there was still a lot of product left in my hair. When my hair finally dried it was actually in WORSE condition than when I applied it. Dry, brittle and damaged looking. Finally after weeks of co-washing my hair seems to have regained some moisture and doesn't seem as angry.