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  • bud1925 - These essays are a far cry from what used to ...

    These essays are a far cry from what used to be called essays upon some topic of interest. These 'essays' are rather short stories, and not essays at all.

  • cmcrook - Great product for camper

    Great product for camper. I have a 40' 5th wheel and place 2 in it when I winterize it for the winter. In the spring I have 2 full containers of water and absolutely no mold or mildew after 3 years in the camper. Palomino Sabre T-BOK. I had mildew problem in my old travel trailer. The bathroom would get a small amount of mildew around the shower wall/tub area. With the large damp rid product I have any issues.

  • Amazon Customer - Causes other games to freeze

    Causes other games to freeze. This could be a fun game but it takes too many of my kindle fire hd's 8.9 resources. As soon as it was installed I could no longer play my favorite game, Ice Age Village. Every time I tried to open it , it froze. Finally I deleted House of Fun. ICE AGE VILLAGE working fine.

  • Moto Guy - ALL IN ONE SBG 6580 Docsis 3.0

    Well I read many reviews that this unit was no good, BUT!! The problem was NOT the unit ! It was Comcast !! they were very slow at pushing the latest firmware 3.3.1 out, That's why I waited 1 year on buying this unit til now! After the firmware update and turning OFF/UNCHECK the box!! for Flood Detection in modem setup! I paid for Performance Speed upto 20mbps download/3mbps upload at $20.bucks per mo. for 6mo./$46.bucks per mo. After promo, with NetFlix on 1 pc watching a movie, 2nd pc my son playing BF3 online and 3rd pc me doing the SpeedTest.com and my Wi-Fi phone talking at 7pm Friday night I never dropped below 21.4 mbps DL/3.2 UL! Then with 1pc playing BF3 ONLINE multi-player and running the Speed test 5 times! and different servers! I got 24/26 mbps DL and 3.3/4.1 mbps UL, Holy S**T!! I'm VERY HAPPY!! BUY This unit! I will say that I did installed NEW RG6 cable from the box outside to inside and installed a High quality 3way cable splitter(5-2450mhz) and New RG59 cable to modem and TV then ran NEW Cat6 Ethernet(550mhz) cable from modem to 3 pc's and to my Smart TV! For me, WIRED! IS the fastest way to go! Thanks Motorola for making a Great Gateway unit!!