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  • Mike - Works Perfectly!

    Electrosensitivity, ie, Electro-magnetic "Allergies," are of course nocebic in nature. This is to say, the symptoms involved are not actually caused by electro-magnetic waves at all, but rather caused by the belief that electro-magnetic waves are somehow harmful. It is important to understand what this means: the symptoms are very real. The sufferer in question is not "faking it," but is suffering very real symptoms induced by their own beliefs.

  • M4owner - Works every time WITHOUT FAIL

    This product works in every way it should. Personally i had used this multiple times over the course of a few months and without fail it worked every single time as long as i followed the directions. You must stop putting in youre body whatever it is youre trying to get out, at least 3 days prior to youre test. This is a MUST, if you do not do this or decide to cheat you will fail the test. After taking the drink it literally flushes youre entire system, and i do mean flush. you will literally use the bathroom till you have nothing left in you and not just urinating, fortunately it stops at just number 1 and 2. I highly recommend this product, it doesnt just cover up a toxin it clears it from youre entire body from that moment on as long as no new toxins are introduced.

  • Chandi - I love CutCO knives they work wonders and are forever guaranteed ...

    I love CutCO knives they work wonders and are forever guaranteed and they stay to that, its not a lie. I work with CutCo the last few months and can give a better deal then what amazons trying to do so message me if you want a better deal. [email protected]

  • Steve - Quicken 2010

    I upgraded from Quicken 2008. This version for 2010 has a few minor improvements -- enough for me to conclude that it was worth the relatively small cost to upgrade. There are no major changes. I have used Quicken for 10+ years. I don't think it is worth getting an upgrade every year, but it is probably worth it to get one every two or three years.

  • Amazon Customer - Grand Slam FINISH

    Get a kick out of this product. Ball Refill makes you feel really good and gets me in the mood. Explosions are better too that's what matters most It is like hitting a grand slam when you are on this for a week.

  • John Walters - Fast and thouough!

    This is the second year that I renewed my subscription for 5 computers in my home. It works very fast, and does not bog the computer down during a scanning of the hard drive. It has found several suspicious items trying to enter my computer so far, and I installed it around the 15th of January (13). I chose to re-buy the CD-rom rather that upload direct from the company. This way, I have an actual hard copy disk rather that sending payment for an additional disk all at the same price! I have automatic scan, plus I manually scan a total of three times a day. Very satisfied. Once I called customer service, they were very helpful to me. I rate them very highly.

  • kanniland - LivRelief no relief

    I tried this as I had previously used LaKota. I honestly didn't get any relief from this, even applied over time it has not made any difference.