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  • richard perez - Buck quality still

    I use it "clean" deer. I used it five times last season. Does not need sharpening. Curvature of blade makes it easy to skin. Handle is very comfortable to hold; no slipping in your hand.

  • Smithie13 - Very happy woman

    I told my husband to get this vacuum for me for Mother's day, and although he double checked to make sure I did in fact want a household cleaning item as my present, he got it. I was so excited to use it. My other vacuum has been slowly dying over the last few months. This thing works as well as it claims too. It doesn't cover the space that my old one did, but since I had to go over the same spot multiple times with my old one, I'll take this one. I swear my carpet even felt fluffier when I was done. The amount of stuff it picked up was gross, but in a good way. Half my house is wood and tile floors and it takes just one switch to go from carpet to wood and worked just as good on the hard floors. I may have only used it once, but so far, I'm in love.

  • Arlette - Hillary will be just as bad!!!!

    I wish everyone in America would have watched this before the 2012 election and maybe he would not have gotten a second term and America would not be in the SHAMFUL STATE AND CONDITION that America is in today!!!!! WHAT AN AWAFUL SHAME WHAT HE HE DONE TO THIS COUNTRY. This movie called it and was right on the money!!! Worst President in History!!! And I thought Carter was bad!!!! But this guy has him beat!!!!!

  • matt - Dramatic improvement in my cooking thanks to this.

    This dutch oven is worth the money. That's my honest opinion. My wife was skeptical at first but let me purchase this oven. I have had it nearly a month. In the last 30 days I have used it for over a dozen different dishes from stew, pot roast, to shepherds pie. The oven has changed my culinary experience for the better.

  • Paola 22 - Good Product, Questionable Business Practices

    First of all, this is a very good product. Use a small amount once a week and it does remove dead skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. BUT like many of the other reviewers, I got pulled over at a mall and fast talked. I resisted and resisted, and the price went down as additional products were added. Since I did not know what the products should actually cost, I had no way of knowing whether or not I had bargained well. Looking at the product prices listed on Amazon, I know that I was not totally taken advantage of, but I could have done much better. DO NOT buy any of these products at a mall. The prices are much better on-line. I'm not sure why a company whose products are actually quite good uses these business practices. It is quite possible, as another reviewer stated, that because the company is based in Israel where bargaining is a way of life, as it is throughout the Middle East, they expect you to bargain actively, rather than accept any of the quoted prices.