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  • Casey Holley - Supply dried up. Not happy.

    Not impressed at all. Took this for two days and my supply dried up. Maybe this works for some women, but I had to stop breastfeeding after taking this. I usually take a different lactation blend, but someone said this one was better. I honestly wish that I had just stuck to what I KNEW worked. Very sad as my son is a preemie and I wanted to breastfeed for at least 6 months to a year.

  • James Harold 3 - I'm pleased with the prompted delivery and was very pleased that ...

    I'm pleased with the prompted delivery and was very pleased that my wife was so happy. When she reached her weight goal she's kept. Her weight goal thanks to this very affordable product it's a life changing experience

  • Jennie K. - Decent, but read more like the plot to a video game

    Overall the characters are likable but don't develop much between start and finish. The world is built like a video game (complete with healing elixirs and mana (called Spirit but it works the same)). It starts with a cataclysmic event which sends the hero off to become the last of her kind (sort of) and ends with a boss battle. It is a video game I would enjoy, but lacks as a novel.

  • Bobbie Broberg - It is so easy to find what I'm looking for on my Kindel.

    For me, this is a perfect solution for what I need at the moment. It is so easy to find the passages I am looking for on my Kindel. I eventually will purchase a hardback Bible, but for now I am very pleased.

  • Mary Kay Redden - Please do not waste your time or money with this com.

    Could not download so they had to manually download, told me I needed to have a tech clean my comp. and that I had a lot of threats, wanted $199.99, I told them I could not afford that and didn't understand because my comp. was only 2 months old as was protected by Norton that came with comp. I kept getting pop-ups, to by stuff from so when it was close to my husband security running out on his new comp., I bought avast protection for 3 comp. $32.09. About a week or two later he tried to download avast, same thing had to get them to manually do it and they told him, he had all kind of viruses and a malware and they could not download untill he had a tech clean up his comp. at $197.99. I told them I paid for 3 comp. and 1 license and if they couldn't download them I wanted a refund. They said I would have to send ticket, I did #ID ESR 213-31054. I became afraid and bought Norton security for our computors. Finally received a reply from a Vladimir Hornicek, Cistomer Service Supervisor, telling me to try to download it again, I explained in my ticket that I had already bought and downloaded Norton with no problem that I wanted a refund. Tried to reply back to him and none of the e-mails were valid, so here someone is stuck with $32.09. Please dont let avast do you this way, we were so afraid our comp. would be messed up, Norton said we did not have any viruses or any wares.

  • Angela S. - Super Solar Garden Lights! They Are For Beauty As Well As Safety!

    I love these six set of Stainless Steel Garden Lights! They look great in front of my home in the flower beds. These 15 Lumen Lights are bright and clear. These are so very easy to install. I did not wish to pay for extra electricity and there is no need for electricity with these Solar Garden Lights. No new batteries or electrical wires are required. They run completely on Solar energy and have rechargeable batteries. There are a total of six identical Premium LED lights that use solar-powered for energy. They will automatically come on at dark and the next morning they will turn off when the sun is shining. There is no need to turn them on at night and off in the morning as they are automatic. These Stainless Steel Lights are weather resistant for winter, spring, summer, and autumn. SolarGlow has carefully engineered this product to be constructed out of ABS Plastic. This is a quality product that is sealed tight against foul weather. SolarGlow is not only providing beautiful light at night for my flowers and the house. They are also providing safety. This protection will help protect my home and my family. SolarGlow knows this to be such a fine quality product, they have provided a 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. No other Solar Light company does this. Wow! SolarGlow is great! You will love these as much as I do. Buy one set or two sets today!