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  • LodgingLady - Will continue to use. Best I've found so far.

    Maybe my wrinkles are beyond repair or maybe if I stopped using this I'd really notice the difference but so far I don't see a huge change. There isn't much in this little bottle so be prepared to have it on auto-ship. I do like the consistency and how smoothly it absorbs into my skin. If I use too little, my face feels dry but if I use too much around my eyes, they are super dry in the morning. Use sparingly there.

  • H. Ervin - Purchased for work

    I recently upgraded my workstation to a Windows 7 pc and had to get a newer version of Peachtree also. I was able to transfer my data into this software and have (knock on wood) had zero issues, making me a Very happy girl. !

  • Shelly - It's a wimp.

    I really wanted to like this, but sadly, it is just okay. I have some fairly rough feet, and this just wasn't powerful enough. It bogs down quite easily when pressed slightly against the skin. I was amused that the instructions said not to hold it in one place for longer than 3-4 seconds...I could hold it in one place for over a minute because it is so wimpy. After 10-15 minutes of using it on one foot, my foot was considerable more smooth though. If the unit had more power, it wouldn't have taken so long.

  • Katie S. - Great for getting smooth arms!

    I have been using Apricot Scrub since middle school (which was a LOOONG time ago). Like one reviewer mentioned, if I use it too often on my face it actually causes me to break out - so I only use it once a week on my face (the Grapefruit St Ives Scrub is better and gentler for my face). The reason I love this stuff, though, is because of what it does for my ARMS. Sometimes the back of my upper arms will get bumps and feel rough -- but if I use this every day (or even as sparingly as every 3 days), I can tell a HUGE difference! I can also tell a difference when I forget to use it. Don't expect to see 100% smoothness after the first day, but after a few applications the bumps/roughness on your arms will be gone or at least minimized. I also use this on my legs in the winter (occasionally) and all over before I get a spray tan.

  • Anonymous - Silkn does not guarantee this product; save your money mine broke

    This worked for about 6 months and then broke and iShopHappy is NOT covered under Silk'n's 1-year guarantee. Don't buy from them. A complete waste of money. I went through the whole ordeal with Silkn trying to get a replacement but they don't cover this seller. Have to throw it out now. :(

  • Demmer G - passive income is a necessary source of income to every ...

    passive income is a necessary source of income to every one ans most people are working to achieve the same as well as all rich people have gotten were they are in the same way, so the book will lay down the must do things to ensure that your passive income ventures are worth investing and the proper ways of achieving the same.

  • William Hall - Horribly disappointed

    The original Ghostbusters movie was always one of my favorites growing up. I hoped I would like this one, but sadly I really hated it. The movie ended up being mainly about the 4 women bantering and making snarky comments to each other. The catching ghosts part was just a minor background setting. They could have made the movie about running a coffee shop without changing much of the dialogue. It kind of had a Larry David feel about it to me. My wife seemed to like it is the best I can say.