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  • Patty - No Future for the Future

    I have laminate floors and have tried so many floor products to try to make my floors become bright and shiny. Finally I found your product and am so excited to see my dull lifeless floor come back to life. I grew up using future, but I am now a holloway house user. Thank you so much for the terrific product. A very satisfied user.

  • Esar - Helpfull!

    All Kaplan GRE books are pretty helpful in preparing for the exam, but the thing is this is not the kind of book you start reading from the first page and go page by page to the last page. It is important to know how to go from one question on one page to another question on a different page maybe and that's what Kaplan teaches in its GRE classes. You won't need the classes though if you can figure out how to use the book for working on your weaknesses in GRE. This book in addition to verbal and math Kaplan books helped me a lot to improve my scores in GRE.

  • Catie - Very disappointing

    I think there was a lot of information in this book that was helpful, but on the other hand I felt like Rick Steves gave an overly cautious take on how to do international travel. My mom and I took a trip to Italy (it was her first time going, and my second) and we used this book. It honestly felt like every section started with a series of horrible catastrophes that might befall the average traveller in that specific location. More often than not these introductions would do no more than just scare my mom into being nervous about any upcoming location we were headed to. What a shame to enter into Rome with the feeling of fear and nervousness, rather than of romance and excitement- especially when Rome is incredibly accessible and really no more dangerous than any other major city in the world. I think this book did a really poor job of conveying what each city is really like - really over emphasizing the potential problems or discomforts that could be encountered, rather than the amazing flavor each specific region of the country has to offer. Mostly I found this travel guide exhausting to read, rather than helpful. I'm definitely going with a different guidebook in the future. What a shame.