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  • Surgery100 - Great upgrade in most programs. Disappointing changes in Publisher.

    I've had an opportunity to use Office 2010 Beta edition for a couple of months now and now that I see the full, final, edition I can say that this is a very worthwhile upgrade, except or Publisher. First things first, I am not a techie. I am someone who uses Word, Excel and PowerPoint on a very regular basis, who really liked some of the changes in Office 2007 but who thought some things needed tweaking, so when given the opportunity for the beta edition I jumped on it and have not been disappointed. Office 2010 is to Office 2007 what Windows 7 was to Vista; that is, there are not many breakthrough, drastically different features, but a whole lot of polishing and cleanup to make it easier and more efficient. Overall, the program seems to run faster, incorporates many of the most commonly used options and makes them more accessible (eliminating many dialog boxes and tabs) and allows for more customization.

  • Jessica - Works great, saw immediate reults

    Noticeable difference after just 1 use, my hair was much softer and had less frizz. I have fine hair, and this does weigh it down a little after each use, but I only use it as a deep treatment once a week on for me it's not a problem to have flat hair for 1 day, considering the really good conditioning results I get. Plus, the scent lingers in your hair all day!

  • Linda S. - Great Product

    I am so happy that I bought this Dual Fan Cooling Pad, it is a good size and you can use it with any computer to keep it from getting too hot while you are using your laptop. The two fans have large blades and that helps keep your laptop cool. I am a very happy customer and I am giving a honest and unbiased review of this great product even though I got it at a discount. I will buy from this company again. I got it when they said I would and it was not damaged. So all in all it is a great product and a great seller.

  • Coral Lemley - buyer beware|||||||||

    Luminess offers a 30 day trial offer if ordered from TV of course you are charged a non-refundable fee of $30.00. Here the problem you don't know of you are getting a used machine they don't disclose that. These machines are extremely high priced and work off of the same idea as a small compressor you buy to air up your car tires and plugs into your cigarette lighter. they cost $30.00. So when you get your "new " machine someone could have already used it for 30 days. You have no clue what they have done to it. Luminess just cleans it up and sends it out to the next sucker. Look at their return policy closely-very strict. So you don't follow instructions exactly right down to the size that the return authorization numbers should be on the front of the box they won't

  • Nicholas Wilson - Very handy wireless link from your smartphone or tablet to your car stereo.

    This is a great solution providing WIRELESS connections between your phone and car stereo. Just plug this device into your car's cig lighter, pair it to your phone with Bluetooth, select a free FM frequency on your car radio, then set the transmitter frequency to match, and you're done. It's not hard to set up the first time, and it's automatic after that. This device is multifunctional, providing good stereo music from your phone's music player to your car stereo, also able to play music from MP3 or other audio files on a micro SD card that you can plug into a side slot, and it is also a handsfree phone device that lets you answer or make a call from your phone with sound out through the car stereo and sound in through a built-in mic in this device. It also has a 2.1A USB charger port so you can plug in your phone or other device for charging. The center control knob allows you to adjust the playback volume by rotating the knob, and to pause or resume playback by pressing in on the knob. There are also buttons for next or previous track, and that works for phone supplied audio as well as tracks from the micro-SD card. There's also a standard 1/8" stereo AUX in jack where you can connect non-Bluetooth devices to play through the car stereo. The display screen shows the track info such as track title, album title and artist name, and when setting up the FM channel it displays the frequency you're setting the transmitter to.