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  • Christopher Geannakopoulos - I am extremely pleased to have used this product

    After much research online, I gave this product a try. My car was throwing a P0430 code, and an additional shadow code. Nissan told me my 2002 Pathfinder with 124k miles needed a new cat for the price of $1300+. Obviously, I laughed and went the alternative route. The P0430 code was only on for about a month, and it was sort of intermittent, so I felt that the parameter of "below threshold" to me meant the cat was still working, but just slightly under "code". Nonetheless, I tried this product, and after about 300 miles, the light went off. It has been over 1200 miles since, and the light has not returned. In that time, I was able to get my car inspected to avoid that whole mess. For this, I am extremely pleased to have used this product.

  • B. Torres - Disappointed.

    Disappointed. It often says "disconnected." This usually happens about 2 mins after I start driving. It just won't stay reliably connected to my iPhone 6. What I have to do is click "forget this device" on my iPhone, then I re-pair it.. then it works again for a couple of times. THEN, it starts acting up again. Very frustrating. I'm going to get something else now.

  • Cal Gal - Great Resource!

    I never do my taxes without Lasser's. Well written, easy to follow explanations of a difficult tax code. Needs at least one copy of all of the tax forms included to make it perfect. In our world of identity theft, doing taxes online is not the best option. And even if online is your favorite option, you need to understand your return.

  • MARGARET BARRY - Waste of Money!

    Game was a waste of Money. Gun never calibrated and the USB clip kept breaking. Company sent me a few extra but not an ideal setup.

  • John Griffin - Difficult ordering procedure

    I hate the procedures that I have to go through just to order this program. trying to remember Amazon user names and passwords really is confusing. Then I'm told that part of the ordering procedure that should take "less than a minute" may take hours or days!! What the hell is the problem?