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  • Sam C. Riccillo - Great Traps for flying insects!

    Great trap, easy to change and dispose used trap! The skeeter trap is an excellent device for flying insects, and the trap replacements are easy and disposable!

  • Kona Mike - Same as Toyota at half the cost

    Save a ton of money. We all know the dealer wants an arm and a leg for aftermarket or options like this. Relatively easy install. Read and follow the instructions and save yourself some grief.

  • Terri Starns - Contact dermatitis

    After a diagnosis of contact dermatitis, and a steroid shot, I was still absolutely miserable with welts, blisters and unbearable itching. The creams, both OTC and prescription were provided very little relief, then is found this on Amazon. It was more expensive than what I wanted to pay, but I decided to take a chance because of some of the reviews. It was well worth the price! It stopped the itching immediately! Highly recommend this product!

  • Robert J. Korzuch II - This handset has been NOTHING but a waste of my time and EFFORT

    This is the SECOND PHONE in a week I tried to get working. I thought the first one was defective and sent it back BUT this one does not stay connected to AT&T either. The BLU company just brings you through a hard reset and other than that has NOT been Helpful AT ALL. I have tried every APN possible yet to no avail will it stay connected to AT&T. This handset has been NOTHING but a waste of my time and EFFORT! AT&T even supplied me with a new SIM, but the problem is in the HANDSETS by BLU! Blu just asks where I bought it and they suggest I just send it back AGAIN! What seemed like a nice product and great deal, WAS NOT! Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, you will soon find out it isn't.

  • Wendy Orvis - Well Organized!

    This is a great and well organized book. I have not finished it, but can tell it will be a book I refer to frequently!

  • Maggie McG. - Great immune system booster!

    I keep this on hand most of the time. I work in an office with a bunch of people who have kids. When cold and flu season rolls around I take Goldenseal for about a week to ten days when I start hearing that someone's child is sick. I also take this at the first signs of a cold or sore throat. It works very well for me to help fighting off the onslaught of the little bugs that cause most ordinary colds etc.

  • David Sanderson - Works great

    No issues to report. I've used this product before and I knew what to expect. Worked great out of the box.