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  • The Johnston's - broken and defective

    I was Soooo Excited to get this diffuser, like sooo excited, but upon taking it out of the box and using for 1 day, it completely broke on me. It now doesnt wor whatsoever. It will not turn on or anything! Waste of money.

  • Amazon Customer - Not sure yet...

    I was super excited about this, but I got it over a month ago and haven't used it yet. There are a gazillion pieces and it just sat in the dishwasher for awhile until we finally put it away. It also doesn't really close that securely. You really have to be careful and make sure not to lose any of the pieces.

  • Roxann - 30 ml bottle of lavender oil

    I love lavender oil and use it for many different things. The most I use it for is a mixture that I use on sore muscles and in my diffuser.

  • Christine Luna - Love this

    This stuff is a miracle worker I have lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks due to clean eating and drinking a shake for breakfast. You have to of course change your eating habits if you want to lose weight. I already ordered my second bag

  • B. Wueste - Great price. Is it effective? Who knows

    I haven't gotten any viruses so I guess that means it's getting the job done. It's not intrusive and you only see a pop up once a month or so. The only time it gets annoying is at the tail end of the subscription term when they try to hound you to renew automatically through Norton at a very inflated price. No thanks, I'd rather pay 75% less and just buy my new subscription on Amazon each year.

  • Jason C. Mitchell - Dilbert is great. Writing reviews on an e-reader isn't.

    Okay, these are chronological strips, not ones about a common subject. That's a good thing because you're not paying for strips you'll read/have read in other books. Dilbert is very funny.