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  • Julie O'Neal - really disappointed wasn't what I thought

    Only been taking them a month, really disappointed wasn't what I thought, don't see any improvement in my hair. Still bald in the top hair is still thin. Really had high hopes.

  • Judith Colson - Ok read

    No new information, just a step by step rehash of information already known about their lives. These two amazing people need somebody to really add new and interesting information to an icon of a family!

  • PiperFlyer - Works well but a little rough on your skin.

    My wife bought this for her eyebrows. She reports that t's easy to use and works well, allowing her to scalp her brows with precision but that it's a little rough on her skin. Overall, she gives it four stars.

  • Amazon Customer - A fantastic story about a fantastic journey.

    A fantastic story about a fantastic journey....the aborted attempt by Shackleton and crew to cross the continent of Antartica in 1915. I gave it only three stars because I found the writing to be a little dry and repetitive, especially in comparison to other great non-fiction stories I have read. Also I thought the book ended too abruptly, without much followup on the characters I had come to care about. However, the story itself is so strong that I would recommend the book. It about the triumph of Shackleton's leadership and his crew against unimaginable conditions. It demonstrates what can be achieved with spirit and discipline, even when pitted against the most inhospitable landscape on our planet!

  • Ivan - Not insightful at all, unless you are completely clueless

    When I got laid off from my job some time ago, I though I would pick this book up to sort of get me in the mood for job searching. I have since read it and found it to be a complete disappointment and a waste of time. I think that unless you know absolutely nothing about job searching, this book will provide zero insight. It is filled with extremely obvious and generalized advice such as use as many sources to search for jobs as possible, send a thank you note after the interview, tap into your network during job search, dont talk about salary first, pursue jobs you find interesting, write down on a piece of paper things that you are good at, etc - I think you get the idea. If the book's really self-evident counsel isn't enough, it managed to annoy even further with its self-help tone that makes it sound like The Secret.

  • Dren - Awesome products for a reasonable price

    Why am absolutely amazed that the stainless steel Tumblr really does keep your food cold for over 24 hours. I put some tea with some ice in it at 8:00 PM and at 10 o'clock the following day p.m. My beverage was so cold. This product is made of a heavy stainless steel and as well insulated the stainless steel straw that comes with it makes the beverage even colder as you drink it. The contour of this cup fits your hands very well and I love the fact that there's two lids in case you lose one. The only common then I find with this cop for tumble The contour of this cup fits your hands very well and I love the fact that there's two lids in case you lose one. The only common then I find with this cup or Tumblr is that it should also come with an extra strong as I have lost mine and can't find it and I am absolutely devastated. Therefore I may have to buy another cup so that I have an extra one to fall back on. I received this At a discounted price in exchange for an honest opinion and review and my opinion is that this tumblr is just as good if not better than other expensive brands.