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  • GordianKnot - Sturdy, great fit, great security, problem free. Highly recommended!

    I took a leap of faith buying this based on its mixed reviews, and I'm extremely glad I did - this thing's awesome. It's a bummer that some people have had bad experiences with it, and I'm surprised they did; this is a sturdy, well-made little safe, FAR better than the plastic magnetized compartments you stick under your car, both in quality and general security (most people know to at least check underneath the car for a key safe, and once you see it - the key is yours).

  • Ray M Crowley - good stuff

    When I am not having lemon, lime, tea, or nut milks. I want my Calm. I have heard that your teeth can take up more calcium if they are clean and magnesium is present. I think it is working to remineralize my teeth.