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  • Brittany Marsh - Good product

    I ordered this product because it is a required material for one of my courses. The cards are very informative and set up in a manner that is easy to read and understand. There are a few errors on the cards but our professor helped us recognize these

  • Amazon Customer - I have used Webroot for years now.

    I have used webroot spysweeper back in the day. Now with Secure anywhere its a bit more protection. It does not interferer with my online gaming and you can turn the fire wall off at any time. Got this for $12.95 at the time can install up to 3 PC which is great. Install is quick considering that its only 15MB to the HDD. It will scan for viruses upon install. Check all running programs as well.

  • M. Sotomayor - Lost interest within the first 20 minutes

    I lost interest within the first 20 minutes. I found it to have nothing new or interesting from previous Hercules movies made . Sorry it just didn't do anything for me, I lost interest and fell a sleep while watching it. Love Dwayne Johnson but this story line needed improvement. Sorry not for me