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  • fiction author D. O. Allen - I've read better....

    Most of the stories are "circle of life" without a lot of substance. Each is well written and read as essays.

  • Anita Moore - Annual charge for Ported Number - wtf???

    So you can get magicjack plus and port your old number. What thy don't tell you is that you be charged twenty-nine ninety five + one dollar forty-four for telecom charge PLUS and additional ten dollars for every number that you port to magicjack plus. For every number you want to port, there is a one-time charge of twenty dollars as well. Every year you need to fund your magicplus DEVICE account with thirty dollars AND EVERY PORTED NUMBER with ten dollars. If you don't pay for your annual ported phone numbers there will be a recording every time you try to call that says a number on your account needs renewed. It would be nice to see these charges up front but no where did I read about these until I was already in the checkout process. This is a good product and I do save money so the only part I'm complaining about is the hidden and renew fees.

  • Frank Bracken - 2014 Delorme Street Atlas Update is far behind google maps

    Overall, I find Delorme Street Atlas is to be the best map source for calculating road trips. But prior to 2011 through 2013, Street Atlas has provided minimum updates to their maps in each release. I was therefore expecting that the new release of 2014 would include a comprehensive update of all roads and streets in the US. My first exposure to 2014 Street Atlas was on a trip to Las Vegas which I found out quickly that the exit numbers along Hwy 215 were wrong and in some parts completely missing. I-215 is a major highway that loops around Las Vegas. It has been completed since 2006. In addition to missing exit numbers, I also found minimum amount of updates in new developed areas in Las Vegas that are available on Google and Garmin maps. If this Las Vegas example is indicative of the whole update process of Street Atlas 2014, then I suggest using Google or some other mapping application to plan your trip.