In Brief | In Brief is the National Assembly for Wales Research Service blog, posting short, topical and accessible articles on issues of interest to Assembly Members and their staff. - In Brief is the National Assembly for Wales Research Service blog, posting short, topical and accessible articles on issues of interest to Assembly Members and their staff.

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  • Subject reading lists available on our blog | In Brief - 12 May 2016 National Assembly for Wales Research Service If you’re trying to get to grips with a brand new subject or wanting to find out the key developments in a policy area then the Research Service subject reading lists could be a great place to start. The subject reading list compiled by our different…
  • Tackling Nitrate Pollution in Wales | In Brief - 21 October 2016 Article by Katy Orford, National Assembly for Wales Research Service Darllenwch yr erthygl yma yn Gymraeg | View this post in Welsh The Welsh Government is consulting on Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) in Wales. The consultation focuses on measures for reducing water pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources. The Welsh Government plans to introduce…
  • New Publication: Labour Market Briefing | In Brief - 20 October 2016 Article by Gareth Thomas and David Millett National Assembly for Wales Research Service View this post in Welsh | Darllenwch yr erthygl yma yn Gymraeg This briefing paper (PDF, 963KB) provides a statistical overview of the labour market. Information is included on Assembly constituencies, Wales and UK nations. We also publish interactive unemployment maps displaying…
  • Economic development | In Brief - Posts about Economic development written by candiceboyes, doucht, and siandavies414
  • The Public Health (Wales) Bill as introduced in the Fourth Assembly | In Brief - 20 October 2016 Article by Philippa Watkins, National Assembly for Wales Research Service Darllenwch yr erthygl yma yn Gymraeg | View this post in Welsh The previous Welsh Government introduced its Public Health (Wales) Bill in June 2015. The Bill set out a series of specific proposals in priority areas of public health policy. It aimed to create…

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  • Jennifer - Horrible Support Service

    I'm writing my first review on Amazon about this product - even though I've been a member of this site for years. This is how unhappy I am with this product and the accompanying service/support. The TV was delivered to my house, and plugged into the wall. The box and packaging was not left behind. At first, I was able to connect the TV to my cable box on HDMI1, and it worked fine. However, as soon as I hooked it up to my blu-ray player on HDMI 2 and then HDMI 3, my experience went downhill in a hurry. The signal from the blu ray player would cut out every 2-3 seconds to a black screen, and then back to the player (as though the disk was playing through).

  • tcar - Work horse but not perfect or pretty.

    Took a 4000 mile trip with a car topper and just these as supports. I may have overdone the weight a little because the bars bent an inch or two. However as soon as the car topper came off the bars went back to shape. The clips that hold it into place won't stay down (they sit up about a quarter inch) and that makes it look cheap. But they seem to stay in place so all in all these did the trick but didn't look amazing doing it.

  • Ron Seal - Does exactly what it says on the tin!

    Bought Mrs Seal a tin of My New Pink Button for her birthday. She was over the moon, it was as easy to apply as a new coat of creosote to the shed, and all most as much fun too. Her freshly painted poonani now looks less like a badly packed kebab and more like a more a newly budding rose.

  • M L Francis - Awesome guide for weight loss and lifestyle change

    My daughter and I both have all of the classic symptoms of insulin resistance. Her doctor suggested weight loss, and I decided this could be something we could do together. This book is an excellent guide to understanding and implementing a life style change in eating with simple, easy to follow directions. Anyone facing a health crisis due to weight issues due to belly fat should read this book. I have been a carbo-alholic for many years, and suffer with hypoglycemic issues. I have suffered with depression, exhaustion, and light-headedness where I had to lie down just to get over it. I feel so much better, I have more energy, I can get through a day without dizzy spells and constant carb cravings.....and my cloths are getting looser, and I feel so much better about myself without feeling like I am depriving myself of food...because you eat a lot of times during the course of the day. This is the easiest food plan I have ever followed.

  • Masha Jour - Great ADDITION to Study Material

    The test prep book contains all the subject matters covered and guides you through reasoning, logic, and general information you need to know about each topic. As I read through this book, I felt like I was reading a friend's advice -- it was not boring, not long-winded, but straight to the point, which I liked and appreciated! There are a few sample questions throughout the chapters, and a sample exam at the end BUT I strongly recommend that if you take the GRE, you definitely practice on other sample questions and sample exams. You should not rely on this book alone because it is pretty skinny and just doesn't have the amount of practice problems that you need to do well. That being said, it's a great book to ease you into the GRE and breaks it down for you. I have testing anxiety and this really helped me realize that it's not a big deal and that I can definitely master the GRE. There are no inaccuracies and the tips are great, but I'll say it again: don't rely on this book alone.

  • Laur - Not bad, not bad at all....

    I saw the good reviews and i figured i would try it. It takes a few weeks to see results, but it does work pretty well. just make sure you keep it up or it looses its effect. i worked out while using this product and it made it even better. but it does work nicely on its own.