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  • Magnétothérapie : Usage des aimants thérapeutiques | Thérapie Magnétique - La magnétothérapie est une médecine complémentaire qui utilise les champs magnétiques continus à des fins thérapeutiques.
  • Naturopathe et Directrice Générale chez Auris Magnetic | Thérapie Magnétique - Naturopathe de formation, Monique Vial est également directrice Générale de la société Auris Magnetic, spécialisée en magnétothérapie (

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  • C. J.Walter - I am actually seeing results with this product and the application is stimulating but does not leave your hair feeling greasy.

    I have used this product for a bit over a month and have enjoyed the stimulating feeling when applying to my scalp but have notice a healthier and increased volume.

  • FootyStallion - Love it

    I love it! I was looking to get an Xbox1 as so many people had an Xbox360 but when I saw that PS4 was outselling Xbox 2 to 1, it was a no brainer. Also, the hardware is definitely better on the PS4 and no software tweaks will bridge the gap. Yes, the Xbox1 is pretty damn comparable and you might not notice the differences with your naked eye or on certain televisions but the difference is there in the hardware, no doubt about it.

  • MomMom - Ladies, don't go to bed without taking one.

    This is the first time I've purchased the Softgels vs the tablets. I've been taking Azo Cranberry for years. No more UTI's! Hooray!

  • SouthernPharmer - Good way to keep your data and drop your subscription.

    I got about as far as I could go on Ancestry . com without buying the international subscription so I didn't want to keep paying the subscription. I received three free months for buying the software and it was really easy to move everything over. You do still keep online access to your stuff after you cancel, but who knows how long that will last. Not a bad way to spend $40 in my opinion.