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  • R. Rivera - Gets the job done.

    I needed this textbook for one of the computer courses I was taking at my school, and didn't want to pay it's full price at the book store on my campus. Thankfully through this seller I found the very book I needed at a great price. As for the content of the book, its simple and easy to understand. Nothing remotely difficult to comprehend, it is a book designed for those that aren't computer savvy or have any knowledge before hand. (Like I said I needed for a course, but I am in no way new to computers, in fact I'm quite the opposite) That said, it's a good buy and I will likely buy from the same seller in the future if I find great deals on textbooks that I need to acquire for school.

  • Melissa - Reminds me of ATI books!

    I have been stressing about upcoming exam for weeks and pushes it back more than I want to admit. I have felt overwhelmed by other study books I have tried to use. The book is broken down by body systems which helps me with the larger picture and not get overwhelmed by what seems like never ending chapters. The book focuses and works at guiding towards key points that need to be understood to pass. There are 100 questions at the end of the book to help you prepare for taking the exam.This book is presented in short, easy-to-read chapters, it reminds me of the ATI books I used in nursing school short and to the point but packed with what needs to be known. The explanations for the answers are clear and the book is organized very well. This is a good book to study from if you just use it as a reference, I have already told my friends and coworkers to buy this book. I feel the more practice questions you see from different sources the better prepared you will be. This is how I study for my first exam years ago. The more questions you look through the better! Good luck! And I hope everyone will be able to pass there test with flying colors.

  • HELIO - KING ASUS router - it will be on the top list for quite some time

    Life is too short to keep on looking for better price and decent quality. You get with this router piece of mind that get nowhere. I often try to find updated information on security and performance of routers. This one has them all, customizable as per individual needs.

  • Samuel M. - Two Thumbs Up!

    All I can say is that it works. I have been struggling with libido issues and also with burning fat and building muscle - keep on mind I lift weights 6 days a week in the evening and do fasted cardio 5-7 days a week in the mornings and eat a very clean diet - so it wasn't like I wasn't working hard in the gym and kitchen. In the first month I was on testro-x my girlfriend took immediate note of my increased sex drive, night and day difference - and my bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press, and rows all increased weight and reps. I love this product, especially because it is comprised of natural supplements.

  • mcas - Excellent product, but not enough of an improvement in my home

    This will be a bit of an odd review, in that I'm rating it favorably (4 stars) as it did work well, but ultimately ended up returning it. In hindsight, I think my current router situation simply did not leave enough room for improvement with the benefits of Orbi.

  • Patrick - made me feel crappy!

    Yes this is not for everyone. Already ate well and exercised. Have done cleanses before from Whole foods with good results! Did the cleanse because of peer presser from coworkers- really think this is a pyramid scheme! Made 3 of us feel nauseous and dizzy on top of using the bathroom every 30-60 minutes with diarrhea. 10 days of that would cause anyone to loose weight. We followed it with no cheating! so those who say we did it wrong are discounted. The girls at work who eat processed foods and soda's of course loved it and felt great. Too many chemicals. Any program that goes so far as to make the ingredients hard to find is not good. Save money and Go to Whole foods and buy a cleanse for 20$ and add fish oil and a one a day.