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  • Rose Vines - A letdown after earlier Fitbits

    I've used the Fitbit Ultra and the Fitbit One and enjoyed using them both, but, after having lost two of them because of the clip design, I looked forward to getting a Flex. As a swimmer, I was also interested in the Flex because you can wear it in the pool.

  • Donald S. Meng - Amazing TV well worth the price.

    I didn't think I'd ever be writing a review for a TV when I seldom write reviews here on Amazon but I'm very pleased with this TV so here goes. My first HDTV was a cheaper Samsung 3D plasma TV I paid the same amount for as I did for this TV. I was never impressed with the picture quality and wondered what all the hoopla was over HDTV's. I ruined that TV when cleaning it with Windex which left streaks in it, Oops. I'm disabled and store shopping was out of the question so Amazon is where I shop. After several weeks of reading reviews I settled on this curved Samsung LED TV. Wow, I finally understand what all of the hoopla's about. A stunning picture with numerous settings to tweak with. My Blu-Ray player had all the apps I needed and I wasn't interested in a smart TV. One of the best features on this TV is the app selection and the ability to add more. It has 3 HDMI connections, 2 USB connections and one optical if you want to run your audio through you receiver. Through one of the USB slots you can hook up a keyboard, a nice feature if you decide to use it. Anyway it would be hard to go wrong when purchasing this TV. For anyone interested I provided the Samsung link with all of the specifications on it. I would highly recommend this TV to anyone.

  • Megan - I Would not recommend Bosley

    I didn't notice any difference in my hair. In fact Nioxin gave me more volume than Bosley. I was so disappointed.

  • Bill - Great stories

    Fun stories. Are they real? Are they made up? Somewhere in between? I don't have any idea, since the show focuses on drama, not evidence. But it works as entertainment, and that's all I ask.

  • Steve P. - Not worth the Pain

    I was never able to setup financial account importing in the 2011 version, even after having Intuit tech support look into the problem. So, I updated to this version thinking that I would finally resolve this vexing problem and that it might work better with my new Windows 10 computer. It turns out that I was wrong on both counts. This version doesn't allow for text and icon sizing appropriate to my high resolution monitor (even though there're a couple of ways to minimize the pain) and, worse, it keeps crashing when I try to Create Invoices or Receive Payments. This is no way to run the finances of a business, look for other another accounting solution.

  • Amanda - ITWORKS

    WAYYY overpriced on amazon and could even be expired ! To ensure the highest quality be sure to buy from an itworks distributor where you are gaureenteed good products , I get mine for ! You get a discount for becoming a loyal costomer and earn perk points ! Or you can simply buy one. If you have any questions you can ask them at the listed website !

  • D. Sacerdote - Solid choice for an Unobtrusive Bluetooth Headset

    I was actually shopping for a pair of bluetooth earbuds when this Axgio Earbud Headset caught my attention, and I'm glad it did. The headset is very versatile: I can wear just the single, subtle bluetooth reciever in my ear if I'm just using it for phone calls, or I can connect the other earbud via the micro-USB port on the headset and immediately have excellent wireless stereo earbuds. The receiver is about the diameter (maybe a bit larger) of a nickel, and there are no brightly-glowing LEDs on it to attract attention or make you look like a Borg. It's just what I was looking for.