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  • Kayleen Landry - No Butterbeer

    Yes. I am leaving a bad review simply because there is no Butterbeer recipe. This was the very FIRST recipe I eagerly searched for. In my opinion a Harry Potter fan cook book should not have been made without a Butterbeer recipe. I really do not care if the author was concerned about copyright issues. She had a great idea and could have had a flawless cook book tribute to the Harry Potter line if she would have tried that much harder to get JK Rowling's cooperation. I also don't care if you can search up half-worthy Butterbeer recipe's online. I was hoping for a recipe from someone who was a big enough fan that they wrote a whole friggin cook book. I wanted a recipe that was tested and counted as good enough to be published.

  • Mad Mike - All hype no relief!

    Tried this product mainly because of the recommendation of Chuck Woolery and the money back guarantee. I did not get any more relief using this, in fact less relief than what I get from the Wal Mart muscle pain relief which costs $24.00 less. I am returning the empty bottle and will not use again. Sorry Chuck!

  • K. Dyer - Similar to the one I had back when

    Been lookin a while to find one that just plugs into the outlet. No recharging with this one. It does shave well and close. It is quieter than my last one, and has a coiled power cord that stretches out to about 5 feet. It does not have a flip out trimmer on the back but I'm fine with that just happy to have something close to my last one. A price barely higher than the replacement blades how can you go wrong.

  • SF Beach - Office 2016: Poor Quality Product.

    I've been using MS Office for two decades. The last good one is the 2003 version. I skipped the 2007 version, because that one crashed all my VBA macro due to the Chinese characters in the modules. Then came the 2010 and 2013. They were very slow and unnecessarily complicated the chart formatting. No deal with those. Now I installed the bundled Office 2016 Home & Student in my new laptop. The charts look awful. When I try to edit the line markers, I could not tell the difference among the selection drop down list, because they are just the dark red and dark green mix. This poor quality product should not have come from Microsoft.

  • Busy Mom - Great Fun!

    A lot of fun! These were a big hit at my son's birthday party. The LED lights are attached to the balloon opposite the part you blow them up from - they are attached with a small rubberband on the outside that goes around the the switch of the LED light. You press the switch and light blings fast - press it again and it is a slower bling and press it a third time and it is a solid light. But what I discovered is really cool that you can attach them to another balloon! We had a balloon pop so I removed the light and dropped it into another balloon - used a string to tie the balloon around the switch and it worked perfectly! I'm not sure how long the lights will actually last in terms of hours left on but I am happy that just because the balloon gave out does not mean we can't reuse the lights! I hope you find this review helpful. If so, please mark it as helpful below so others can find it easier.

  • Med_Path - Great resource

    Helped me get a 244 on USMLE Step 1. Primarily used this in conjunction with UWorld questions/explanations. Highly recommend reading this and annotating it with USMLE explanations in margins to prepare for Step 1.