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  • nerdrage - New favorite

    Great value, smells similar to my favorite body wash from bath and body works. The scent Twilight Woods body wash pairs well with the original scent of Marrakesh. The products work very very well. I have extra long hair that is dry on the ends but an oily scalp, this product does not make my hair oily looking at all. I may order another. The only bad thing was the cardboard packing confetti made a mess when I tried to get products out of the tin.

  • Glenn - I've never understood people who were obsessed with planners. ...

    I've never understood people who were obsessed with planners. And now, I will forever be one of them! Worth every penny for the thoughtfulness to so much detail and pretty-ness. People complain about wasting a couple of months, but you can always write it in the planner and then transfer to the new one... which I'm already looking forward to next year! Thanks lilly pulitzer and fast shipping.

  • yusefte - Who doesn't like popping bubbles?

    Got this for my 6-yr old because I thought it would be a great way to teach her months and days and like any kid, she loves popping bubbles! I'm happy to say she is a big fan of the calendar. She has made it a daily routine to "pop the day" when she wakes up in the morning. She has put the a red dot on her birthday and is excited that it is getting closer each day. The only thing that worries her is that eventually there won't be any days to pop and she keeps mentioning that she wants to get a new one every year, so that's a good endorsement. I think this was a great and unique product idea! I received this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


    Cheap you pay cheap you get. What a total load of crap. Thank God my year of hell is over! I bought a family pack for 3 computers.Lounge computer with win 7 32bit 2 core is hardly used so had no problems. Laptop with win7 32bit 2 core wouldn't let me install contacted support back and forth with them with all sorts of suggestions for 5 weeks, a year later it's still bitdefender free. My main computer a win7 64bit quad core ,it made internet explorer unusable. It wrecked Firefox,,Paypal and any paysites were unusable,it wanted exception rules,that i wanted saved never evr did.Safepay slowed down the internet speed to dial up at times while banking.Couldn,t access Steam for games no matter what i tried.Well just to top it all off i'm ten days from expiration and had decided to uninstall. Tried the uninstall in bitdefender folder in start menu, installation menu starts, no uninstall.OK.Control panel / program -features/ bitdefender uninstall. NOTHING!well not totally nothing it stopped the filthy program, but it;s still in the list and all shortcuts and folders and files still there,try again ,same deal. Try deleteing folders no can do need admin priveliges even though i'm in admin user mode.ALL I CAN SAY IS SAVE YOURSELF A WHOLE WORLD OF PAIN , AND STEER WELL CLEAR OF THIS CRAP.GETTING A VIRUS IS PROBABLY EASIER TO DEAL WITH!

  • Ronny - Avalon Vit C Renewal Creme

    I love this stuff, it makes my face feel soft and smooth. My wrinkles are less than before and that is why I decided to try this product.

  • Wesley C. Hennings - Not good for long term health

    Are you burdened with the thought that the Visalus Shakes reviews you may be reading are less than honest, fair, or accurate? Probably not, but in this note, I will share my opinion of Visalus and provide a review of the Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes.

  • ofm_5 - Great for Complex Layouts

    For complex layouts, you need this tool but the newer versions of MS Word already include most of the functionality, and it will suffice for most tasks other than complex layouts. For example, moving things around on the page is much easier with this than with Word.