Facilities Services Industry | GSH Group - GSH Group serves the facilities services industry with facilities management both in the USA and India.Mechanical services and energy management specialists.

  • http://gshgroup.com/about-gsh-group/ About GSH Group, a leader in the facilities services industry - Learn more about GSH Group, one of the world's leading facilities management companies. Using quality control procedures & holds several ISO certifications.
  • http://gshgroup.com/history/ GSH Group History - Established in 1895, GSH has a long-standing history. Learn more about facilities management company, GSH Group History.
  • http://gshgroup.com/about-gsh-group/corporate-sustainability/ Corporate Sustainability - GSH Group - Facilities Services - Corporate Sustainability of the GSH Group, a facilities services and management company. Serving clients both in the USA and India.
  • http://gshgroup.com/news/ News - GSH Group - Get the latest facilities management news updates from GSH Group, a global facilities management company specializing in mechanical and energy services.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/contact/ Contact GSH Group 877-447-4255 Facilities Management - Contact the Contact GSH Group by calling 877-447-4255 for Facilities Management Services in the United States. Located in Parsippany, New Jersey NJ
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/ GSH USA - Facilities Management Company - GSH USA is a leading facilities management company operating throughout the United States and worldwide. Call 1-877-447-4255 to learn more.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/operation-and-maintenance/ Operation and Maintenance Services | GSH Group - Operation and Maintenance Services offered by GSH Group. A leader in facilities management. Call 877-447-4255 for more information.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/operation-and-maintenance/mechanical-services/ Mechanical Services, GSH Group - GSH is an expert in mechanical services. Trust the team of licensed technicians at GSH for your HVAC systems. Call GSH at 1-877-447-4255 to learn more.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/operation-and-maintenance/energy-management/ Energy Management, GSH Group - Facilities management provider, GSH Group offers a comprehensive energy management program, often at no cost. Request a free energy analysis today.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/benefits-of-gsh/ Benefits of GSH Group - Learn more about the benefits of GSH Group, offering first-class facilities management services, mechanical services and energy management programs.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/benefits-of-gsh/facilities-management-staff/ Facilities Management Staff - As a service company, our facilities management staff is our greatest asset. We continually invest in staff education and training.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/benefits-of-gsh/quality-safety-facility-management/ Quality and Safety, Facilities Services - Quality and safety, facilities services. ISO 9001 for Quality Management, 14001 for Environmental Management, and 50001 for Energy Management.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/benefits-of-gsh/facility-management-technology/ Facility Management Technology - GSH's facility management technology paves the way in the facilities services sector. Our CMMS forms the hub of our solution with remote access available.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/facilities-management-client-profiles/ facilities management client profiles by GSH USA - GSH USA presents facilities management client profiles. the GSH Group offers facilities management services 877-447-4255
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/facilities-management-client-profiles/bwi-airport/ BWI Airport | Case Study in Facility Management - BWI Airport has its facility managed and maintained by GSH Group. GSH is a facilities management company serving clients both in the United States and India
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/facilities-management-client-profiles/california-department-of-technology/ California Department of Technology | Facility Management - California Department of Technology is one of the facilities maintained and managed by GSH Group, a facilities management company.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/facilities-management-client-profiles/museum-of-arts-and-design/ Museum of Arts and Design | Facilities Management - Museum of Arts and Design is a Case Study in Facility Management. The Museum of Arts and Design has its facility maintained and serviced by the GSH group.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/facilities-management-client-profiles/national-institutes-of-health/ National Institutes of Health | Facility Management - National Institutes of Health is a Case Study in Facility Management offered by the US division of the GSH Group. Offering Facilities and Energy Management.
  • http://gshgroup.com/new-york-state-office-of-general-services/ Case Study: New York State Office of General Services - GSH is contracted with NYSOGS to deliver building operation and maintenance services to the future Moynihan Rail Station in Manhattan.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/facilities-management-client-profiles/one-gateway-center/ One Gateway Center | Facilities Management by GSH Group - One Gateway Center has its facility services managed by the GSH Group whose USA corporate office is located in Parsippany, NJ 877-447-4255
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/facilities-management-careers/ Facilities Management Careers at GSH Group | Now Hiring - GSH Group is offering jobs in facility management. Learn more about facilities management careers. Great employment opportunities.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-americas/facilities-management-careers/facilities-management-jobs/ facilities management jobs - GSH Group career postings. View open facilities management jobs at GSH Group, and apply to open positions within the company through the links.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-asia/ India facility management services - GSH Group - GSH Group is an India facility management services company delivering services across India. Call for more information +91 (44) 24989730.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-asia/india-facilities-management-services/ India facilities management services Company GSH Group - GSH Group is an India facilities management services company providing complete facility management solutions. Call our India office at +91 (44) 24989730.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-asia/india-facilities-management-services/india-technical-services/ GSH Group | India technical services - GSH Group in India technical services. GSH delivers facilities management services across India. Call our Indian office at +91 (44) 24989730.
  • http://gshgroup.com/gsh-asia/india-facilities-management-services/india-environmental-services/ India environmental services from GSH Group - GSH Group offers India environmental services as part of a facilities management service program. Call GSH to learn more at +91 (44) 24989730.

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  • M. North - the mat that's pictured is not the mat you get

    I ordered this mat in September, 2013 and love it. So I ordered another one (one for work, one for home). But what I received is not the mat in the picture. You'll find the mat they sent me on Amazon at: 

  • Assetman - Bring Back Hard Cover

    Have used the Almanac for 20 years. It is full of anecdotes and history. I also use it to write down historic moments that take place in the markets over the course of the year. I appreciate the quotes from pillars of the industry on each day. Unfortunately, this year, the hard cover has become a spiral bound version. It appears "cheap". It certainly is not going to be added to the shelf with all the past year's hard cover versions. Perhaps Wiley would reconsider their decision to change the format. I would certainly pay for a quality cover that is equal to the quality of the contents.