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  • mswriter - excelent

    I have been using Viviscal since January and results are beyond of what i expected it is fabulous. It works in the thick of the hair, but even more in the growing of new hair. I estimate i got back a 40% of my hair in only 4 months.

  • Eddie - I sanded down the faces of the wheels as best I could to get rid of the pitting

    I have an old set of 17" wheels for my Bimmer with snow tires mounted on. Last years New England winter absolutely killed them. The salt and chemicals left them pitted. I sanded down the faces of the wheels as best I could to get rid of the pitting. I then masked off and applied a full can of VHT prime coat followed by two cans of this bronze. Lastly I sprayed a full can of clear over them and I am fully satisfied with the result.

  • Mouselips - Rejuvenate will give you a nice shine when you first start using it

    Rejuvenate will give you a nice shine when you first start using it. Then you will start noticing streaks on the floor from moving chairs and pulling a vacuum with wheels across it. These are not unusual events and should not cause streaks. Now I'm supposed to strip it and buff it off? Awful product! Definitely not as advertised.

  • Jakob - used to be for asus

    Coming from being a long term asus only user I decided to try another brand. I was thoroughly impressed with the x99 classified board! The ui for the uefi bios was eons better than my previous x79 sabertooth board. I also have to tip my hat at the build quality. Btw, just an FYI, that optional cover you can put on is metal and looks way better in person!

  • John Clement - Good product with a bad bug that prevents burning

    This is actually a good product which is very flexible and can work with a wider variety of video formats than most other editors. But it has a bug which may cause problems on some computers and prevent the user from burning a disc. The casual user should NOT get this product until this bug is fixed. The Cyberlink PowerDirector is much better for the casual user. Apparently this bug may not appear on all windows computers, so you can take your chances that it may not happen on yours. The 2014 version appears to much more bug free. The burning is halted and if you look at the log file it tells you it had Error 5, but there is no further information about the error. I have posted 3 possible workarounds for the error on the Magix site.

  • Molly Minx - Great for acne scars

    The vitamin C in this helps fade my acne scars. It is not too drying and I have extremely dry skin. My complexion looks much brighter and I can wear less makeup!