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  • V. Lee Sundin - Light, absorbing and non-scented serum

    My first thought upon opening the package was how beautiful and luxurious the bottle looked. It's important! It took me a couple tries to figure out the dropper; push on the top of the cap to dispense the serum. The serum itself is light and quickly absorbing. There is no scent, which is nice since it is applied to the face. I use hyaluronic acid products at night and don't like a lot of scents when I'm going to sleep. I haven't used this long enough to attest to its efficacy, but will return in a couple weeks to update this review. So far, I'm liking what I see.

  • Orangeknockout - this stuff really works!

    this stuff is amazing man! I was suffering from tonsil stones also and the dreaded "poop breath"; I did everything I could to remove the smell; I would literally brush my teeth and scrub my tongue for half an hour, just to make sure I cleaned out all the gunk! it still wasn't enough! I was kissing a girl the other day and she said my breath stank! it frusterated the s*** out of me because I would spend so much time brushing my teeth and tongue! the final straw came when I was brushing my teeth and I coughed out a white ball; I remembered coughing up a white ball when I was 13 and I remembered it smelling like s***! after hours of researching I finally found out they were tonsil stones and I learned that tonsil stones were a major cause of bad breath! thank god I finally found out what was giving me bad breath all this time! now I had to get to the next hardest part.... finding the cure to it! after about a week of research and stinky breath-ness I finally came across therabreath! praise the lord! hallejujah! lol

  • Srini G - I love this. I love the orange flavor

    I love this. I love the orange flavor. It's there, but not very assertive. and it's not very sweet either.

  • Kris - Take an adventure to Italy to find love with Georgie

    A Place in the Sun delivers just what you would expect from an R.S. Grey book, a large dose of comedy with a side of romance and a bit of everything in between.

  • Amazon Customer - Works excellently

    great laptop. good processor. great backlit keyboard. light. convenient. great graphics. and finally a great buy for what you get.

  • Adrian - Much better than the sequel book, "How To Run Over Little Boats."

    After reading this book, I relized exactly what I was doing wrong everytime I was run over by bardges on the mighty Mississippi. I always played dead and hoped the boats would go away, like I was taught by a book I read, "How To Survive Bear Attacks." I guess I thought the lessons taught by that book applied to everything life, but it clearly meant just bears. Now I am surviving the waterways better than a BP oil rig.

  • Joseph C Pelc - Explanation for Design Changes -Assurance that product is same quality - UPDATED with response from CHEETAH MOUNTS

    I have now purchased two of these units - one is holding a 60" PN60F5300 Samsung Plasma and the other a 51" PN51F4500 Samsung Plasma. The instructions were adequate and I made sure to tighten even the pre-assembled nuts and screws. The two piece top and bottom make me a little nervous - as does the lack of nuts on the screws for the side brackets. I know this is rated to 165 lbs (my 60" is about 60lbs and the 51" is about 40 lbs) but I will keep checking to make sure the steel isn't bending. Maybe CheetahMounts can speak more to this with assurance that it will hold up. I think that they should explain how the new design in multiple pieces is truly as strong as the previous one piece design.