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  • orangecowcat - Fantastic diffuser at a very good price!

    This is a powerhouse diffuser in a small package! This has easily become one of my favorite diffusers in my house. It's not huge, which means I can put it in any room with ease. It's super quiet while running. It has many options for the mist and color as well.

  • Darthneko - Rough start but got better

    By the end I mostly liked this book, but the beginning was rough. It felt the none of the characters were really given the attention they deserved until half of them were removed from the scene and the author could actually focus on the main three, which was when I found myself actually enjoying it. Prior to that it felt like a lot of cardboard cut outs - the paranoid xenophobic military team leader, the cautious calm mediating female medic, the timid bookish but actually amazing heroine, the player jock with a heart of gold for the right woman hero. Yawn! It wasn't until halfway through that Jane grew a backbone and actually WAS amazing that the pace of the book picked up and the characters felt more alive.