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  • Denise Keef - Edge of your seat story! Loved it!

    As the Ryman family travels further from their home to what they hope will be a safe haven, they are met with much adversity and see an ugly side of mankind. They learn fast that you can’t trust anyone until they prove themselves as a friend. The world around them has gone to Hell and their journey is a long one but they will do everything in their power to survive. Even if that if it means going against everything they had always believed in. In the apocalypse…the rules change and they have changed for this family. Bobby Akart has written a story that pulled me into this apocalyptic world that could possibly happen, making it that much more frightening. Traveling along with Ryman family, I am learning more and more of what to do and what not to do to survive once the world goes crazy! This normal family had no idea what it meant to “prep” but learned quickly on what it takes to survive while having me on the edge of my seat at times as I read along. This is a great addition to the series and I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to the rest of the series by an author who is fast becoming a favorite of mine!

  • OrangeCrush - Lego's Games Continue to be a Fun Distraction from More Serious Games.

    I honestly don't know how many of these LEGO games I have played now. I have played the Star Wars games, the Indiana Jones games, the Batman games, the Harry Potter games, the Pirates of the Caribbean games etc. I lost count somewhere along the way. My latest brush with LEGO videogames takes me back to Jurassic Park. I am definitely a fan of the Jurassic Park films so I was really happy too see LEGO bring Jurassic Park into the LEGO game series and I suspected going in that this would be yet another entertaining LEGO game and that it definitely was.

  • Tami G. - superb product

    Excellent. All as advertised. Emailed the shop and gave them custom dimensions and they were happy to do it. High quality. Highly recommend

  • Amazon Customer - perfect!

    Not only are these mashed potatoes made with good ingredients, they are the best mashed potatoes our family has ever had. They are better than real mashed potatoes.

  • DADDEO - Worked for me on two different leaks

    I am not a believer in Stop leak products and have never bought them. I tried this because has good reviews and it doesn't stop leaking seals by swelling them with mineral spirits. I used this in my vehicles steering gear which had a leaky pitman shaft seal. It has been leaking for a while and was leaving power steering fluid on my driveway.I added a few ounces of this and a few days later I am not seeing any signs of leaks anymore. I also used this ATP on my 4000 PSI pressure washer pump. The pump when not in use was leaving a puddle under the pump , now it seems to be reduced to a very slight drip. I am impressed and think this stuff actually works. ****Update 1 year later**** The product is still working on my steering box and also my pressure cleaner pump. I am pretty impressed with this product.