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  • Amazon Customer - Who Are These People????

    The big take away for me as I read about the conniving people who supposedly "lead" our country is that there is no one who possessed even an ounce of integrity. It was all about their political power and who could get over on the others.

  • raymond r. ribal - s a good product. to give a better evaluation wii take ...

    some improvement was observed! nothing harmful occurred. it,s a good product . to give a better evaluation wii take more time. this request for an evaluation comes far to soon relative to the condition it clai,s to treat..

  • Daniel - suck out blackheads

    The first use, stopped on skin for a bit long time so my skin became purple, and did not suck out many blackheads as I use it directly did not open the pores. I got the hang of how to use it properly after inquired ETTG customer service, it did suck out many blackheads and fat. My nose feels good and smooth after suck out the stubborn blackheads. This tool also works well on my chin and cheek. My face always become oil soon after facial cleaning, this small kit helped me get out of the embarrass situation.