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  • Justin G - This book is really great from front to back and it's presented in a ...

    This book is really great from front to back and it's presented in a straightforward manner for anyone whom knows nothing about fasting to approach. Going over what it is, what the myths and benefits of it are, before diving into how to do it and tips for success. Obviously if you're curious about fasting you probably know about the fat loss benefits, but you may not know of the other health benefits. I've spent a good portion of the last year deep diving into the science of fasting, and reading nutrition literature about it this book hits on all the nuanced fasting benefits making them mostly easy to understand for a layperson. It covers the neurological benefits, ketosis, insulin role in our metabolism, autophagy, and an explanation of mTOR inhibition, the later two of which have huge anti-cancer and anti-aging potentials.

  • GoNoles - Worked great

    Had to do a little engineering as the rear rack on my Rincon does not have a second higher rail for support, other than that this worked great. Followed the tractor pulling the disk and had a 2nd tractor coming behind me with a cultipacker. Took care of 6 summer food plot with over 8 total acres in about 1/2 a day and it was the tractors and travel time between plots that took most of the time.

  • Andrea - Great Product

    I've been through several formulas and this one seems to work well for my baby. He doesn't spit-up as much with it and is less gassy. I like that it mixes better than some of the other products. It doesn't seem to stain like the other formulas and it's not as yellow as the other products I've tried. It actually looks like milk. As for price, I've seen many people complain about Amazon's prices on formulas, this one is very comparable. Same size - same product comparison Walmart is $23.89 and Target is $23.78. I have Amazon Prime so I get free two day shipping. It's worth it for myself who lives an hour away from a Walmart and would have to pay shipping online for 5-10 business day delivery with either of those places. Overall, I hope this helps others looking to buy formula but remember all babies react differently to the various formulas. Good Luck!

  • Jonathan Fontenot - Adequate

    Works ok, but the end that screws to the monitor is flimsy and can be easily bent up or down while positioning the monitor. Once its in place, it seems to be holding postion. Time will tell.

  • J. Guy Muse - Enjoyed all the selections

    I found each article an interesting read. Good variety and all captivated my interest. I only wish there had been a few more added to the collection.

  • Kendra - Possibly Fake!

    I seriously question whether the tube I received is actually Too Faced eye-shadow primer. I got this because I bought a Too Faced eye-shadow pallet and I had used a sample of this I got from Sephora that worked really well. The full size one I bought here doesn't work AT ALL, after only a couple hours all my eyeshadow is in the crease of my eye. I have the Urban Decay in Greed (its shimmery) and I love it so I think I'm just going to make the trip to Sephora and buy a tube of that in the original Potion shade for when I don't want my eye-shadow to be iridescent. I am absolutely returning this for a full refund and I won't be trusting this seller ever again. I purchased this from LimitlessBeauty

  • Charles Frederick - You may not know that this product won't help you, until it's too late!

    The software successfully backed up my hard drive onto an external hard drive. Last week my laptop became compromised and I wanted to restore it to a True Image backup. Acronis True Image kept telling me it needed to restart to proceed, but upon restart, the backup process did not resume. When I would go back into the software, it would just tell me it needs to restart again - infinite loop. Contacted customer service and heard nothing back. I decided to give them a while to get back to me before leaving a negative review, but they still haven't contacted me. They refer people who have had the software for more than 30 days to their public forum. I posted my question there, but never heard back. I noticed that the majority of other people who posted questions there never got any response at all. I would happily change my review here if I could just get some help with my problem, but I'm not holding my breath.